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  • More Horsepower/Lower MEGTs:  The Banks Ram Air Intake Systems are a fully enclosed system that positions your intake to only draw cool, dense air.  Drawing cold air is the perfect recipe for Producing More Horsepower with lower MEGT's. 
  • Increased Air Flow:  The Ram Air Intake features larger inlets and chambers for greater volume.  Everything is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, reducing tight spots and restrictions.
  • Vehicle Specific Design:  Banks knows that every design has its strengths and weaknesses.  Instead of creating an intake and designing it to fit your vehicle, they actually engineer each product vehicle specific.  Extensive testing is done to find out what needs improvement and what works best. 
  • Lasts a Lifetime:  A huge, Lifetime Filter is Included with every Ram Air Intake.  Its oversized design allows increased airflow with less restrictions and longer service intervals.   
  • Optional Super-Scoop:  The Super Scoop is an exclusive add on for the Banks Ram Air.  Its wide mouth design is capable of feeding the intake with cooler, denser air.  The pressurized air allows for better performance and efficiency. 


The Banks Ram Air Intake System is specially designed to remove every last restriction in your truck's air intake system. The key to producing horsepower and peak efficiency is allowing your engine to breath. With Banks air intakes, you get everything you need to upgrade your truck with the best air intake on the market. The Ram Air Intake System features much larger inlets/ outlets and larger tubing designed for aerodynamic airflow and greater volume. The intake is fully enclosed and positioned to pull dense, cold air for increased efficiency, so you never have to worry about sucking in warm, power robbing air again. All air intakes include an oversized Lifetime filter that requires less cleaning while opening up airflow. Huge 4 1/2" bellows allow for increased air movement while extending service life and preventing component damage. For even better performance, combine your Ram Air Intake with the Banks Super Scoop intake horn. The Super Scoop features a wider inlet that forces a charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the intake housing. It fits directly with your Banks Ram Air Intake and allows for better flow and increased power.

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Additional Features

Banks Intake Coupled with Super ScoopBanks Intake Coupled with Super Scoop: The Super Scoop was desgned to work with the Banks Ram Air Intakes. The Super Scoop features a large intake that forces pressurized cold air into the intake, increasing performance and torque.
Ford F150 V8: The Bank Ram Air Intake System comes complete with everything needed to upgrade your factory air intake. The system comes with an oiled filter as well as high flow intake tubes and elbows.
Ford Superduty- 6.4L Powerstroke: Banks engineers every air intake system specifically for your vehicle. They define all the restriction areas and focus on increasing airflow throughout the intake system.
GM Duramax- LMM: The Banks Ram Air Intakes feature larger filters with deeper pleats. This increases overall surface area, providing increased filtration and less restriction.
Ram Air Intake for GM 454: Banks offers replacement intakes for most late model pickup trucks. They also offer intake systems for many motorohomes. Adding a Banks Air Intake system will increase fuel economy and improve performance during long trips.


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please also call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.

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