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Billet Grille

2013 Nissan Frontier Billet Grilles

A billet grille will add eye catching style to the front grille of your vehicle. A billet grille also known as a billet grill or billet grille insert comes in many styles and designs. We offer over 25+ styles of billet grilles for pickup trucks, SUV's and select cars. Read More

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Our huge selection of billet grilles and billet grill inserts includes aluminum bar billet grilles, stainless steel grille inserts, chrome mesh billet grilles and many specialty designs including US patriot designs and flamed billet grilles. A car or pickup truck billet grille is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give your vehicle a unique look. Brands include Bully, Dux, Go Industries, Harley-Davidson, Lund, No Fear, Nu Image, Putco, SES Trims and Westin. Bolt over and complete replacement billet grilles are available. Enhance your ride with a billet grille.

Make a good first impression:  In addition to our traditional bar style billet grilles as well as Harley-Davidson billet grilles.   Billet grill inserts generally attach over your OE grille and complete replacement billet grilles replace your OE grille.  Most car and truck billet grilles are an easy installation except for old school billets that you have to cut out your existing vehicle grille.  A modern billet grille simply attaches over your existing SUV or truck grille with hidden fasteners. Some car and truck billet grills cover your vehicles logo and other styles go around your vehicles logo.  Choose from a variety of styles including chrome mesh billet grilles, stainless steel billet grilles, aluminum billet grilles and bar grilles for cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Our trucks are a reflection of ourselves. A simple yet significant way to customize the truck’s look into something more unique is by upgrading the stock grille to a more exciting billet grille. Realtruck.com sells a wide variety of high-quality billet grilles in an almost endless number of designs for nearly all truck models.

Aluminum Billet Grilles:  Aluminum is the most widely used material in the billet grille industry and there is a reason for this. This strong alloy is well known for its versatility, low-density, durability and resistance to corrosion. Because of its malleability, aluminum is easier to roll, stamp, draw, spin, hammer or forge into nearly any shape. Take the Liquid 3-d grille from Putco, for example.

Stainless Steel Billet Grilles:  Known for its strength and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is a popular metal used for billet grilles. Stainless steel resists rust so well because of its high chromium content. In fact, for steel to be considered stainless, it needs to be at least a 10.5% chromium content. Plus, stainless steel is incredibly tough, resilient and easily fashioned into a multitude of forms and shapes. The Putco Billet Grille DESIGNER FX is a perfect example of how stainless steel can be used.

Much like aluminum, there are two types of stainless steel used in billet grilles. The more economical of the two, 409 series stainless steel, is commonly used for many different automotive accessories because of its strength. The other type of stainless steel, 304, is popular for automotive metal because of its higher chromium content and corrosion resistance.

ABS Plastic Billet Grilles:  The most cost effective billet grilles are the ones made from ABS Plastic. Widely used across the entire automobile accessories spectrum, ABS Plastic is a lightweight, rigid and durable thermoplastic material. Not nearly as strong as stainless steel or aluminum, ABS Plastic still makes an excellent medium for billet grilles since plastic is impervious to rust and quite durable. For added customization, ABS plastic billet grilles can be painted to match or accent the stock paint of your truck.