Mar 252011

BMW Truck Photo from the extremely sad folks at

Last week, reported that BMW was sporting around a shiny white new pickup truck on the test track at Nurburgring.  You read that correctly,  they were test driving a BMW truck.  If there wasn’t outright shock and awe, there was definite buzz, hushed voices and quiet cheering for those who wholeheartedly support the idea of a mutant birth of such magnitude. Alas… Autoblog has since learned the horrific truth.  With great tearfulness (although they would never admit to crying) they report, “In a chat with BMW’s Munich head of product communications, Dirk Arnold, he offered up this quote: “Ah, yes, everyone’s been talking about that pickup. But, no, this is… how you call it, an April Fool’s Joke” [in German “Aprilscherz” – ed.].” Our only comment on the whole matter is this… It’s not even APRIL YET! We call shenanigans!  Consequently, this is a perfectly acceptable March term.