May 042011

Chevy Logo

The legend tells us that William C. Durant, co-founder of the famous Chevrolet brand, came up with the bow tie logo idea after seeing something similar on some French wallpaper.  Some even say that Louis Chevrolet designed it himself, but there is no clear origin… Or is there? Jalopnik reports that Catherine Durant, William Durant’s widow, tells the story a little differently. “the bowtie emblem was first seen by her husband in an illustrated Virginia newspaper, while they vacationed in Hot Springs, Virginia around 1912.” This really wouldn’t mean much because there were two different stories floating around about how the logo came into being.  Personally, I would definitely have given more weight to the wife’s story any day, BUT!  Wait a minute, hold the phone!  Evidence has surfaced! A historian named Ken Kaufmann unearthed an ad while doing research of a Georgia based newspaper that looks remarkably like the Chevrolet logo and is around the time period Mrs. Durant mentions.  What’s more is the fact that the ad ran only days after Durant filed the papers to incorporate the Chevy Motor Company. Read more at Jalopnik!