Mar 262012
Dan Dewey isn’t obsessed with coffee, but he is pretty preoccupied with making a difference in people’s lives.  Even if it’s just for one day.  How does he do it?  With a simple cup of coffee, of course.  This week’s Keepin’ it Real story is about a guy who really ‘Delivers More.’ Every Thursday, Dan delivers special coffee drinks to the patients and staff at the Michigan Cancer Institute.  He pays for these drinks out of his own pocket.  It started out small, just buying for people sitting next to his father when Dan was visiting.  It grew and one of his father’s dying wishes was for Dan to continue the coffee runs.  Now, depending upon how busy the hospital is, he’s hauling back anywhere from 20 to 40 drinks. Costing him upwards of $75 per trip.  “… depends on how many foo-foo drinks there are.” The entire staff consider him to be an official volunteer caregiver. “People come in here for hope… I’ll do it with my last breathe and my last dollar.” There is a way YOU can help Dan.  Because of the cost and the fact that Dan does this weekly, you can learn more about putting money on Dan’s card at the coffee shop where he purchases his drinks for the Cancer Institute.  Check out Dan’s Coffee Run Facebook Page. We hope Dan never runs out of money and never loses his passion for delivering hot java to those who need a pick me up.  Thank you, Dan.  You are truly ‘The Man!’ Another news story about Dan from Fox 2 in Michigan: Like on Facebook! Want to read more about how we like to give props to those who Keep it Real? We see people who Keep it Real all the time, but we’d also like some nominations to come from you, our readers. We know you see examples of people helping others with no thought of reward EVERY DAY! To send in a nomination for a Keepin’ it Real feature, please email kyd @ Please send as much information as possible!