Aug 232012
Aerofex Hover Craft

Take a look at that and tell us it isn’t at least in the top five most awesome things you’ve seen today. Hover trucks next, anyone?

It’s no secret that we have a lot of massive Star Wars fans around the offices. You can imagine our excitement, then, when we caught wind from that a new vehicle currently in development that somewhat resembles the speeder bikes from the classic documentary (hey, it’s real to us) Return of the Jedi. Could this finally be the day that sci-fi simply becomes modern science? We’re not sure, but we do think this thing looks totally awesome. Created by California-based defense contractor Aerofex, the hover vehicle shown in the video below is an absolute technological marvel. It’s also super rad. The video shows its driver cruising around the desert. According to a post from energy blog, the company has also devised a way for the vehicle to keep clear of dirt and floating debris. We’d imagine that’s almost a necessity; nothing would suck the fun out of riding one of these things faster than hitting a rock at high speed and flying off into the ground. The machine works by using powerful fans to elevate the vehicle off the ground. According to popular tech blog Gizmodo, this isn’t the first time this technology has been attempted, but no one has ever been this successful in getting it to work. It’s simple enough to operate that the pilot doesn’t even need specialized training. Knowing that, we’ll take two and hold drag races in our parking lot. What’s got us really excited about this though is envisioning a far, far distant future where we have-wait for it-hover trucks. We know. It’s a tough idea to get used to, but bear with us for a moment here. We already know trucks on four wheels right here on terra firma, but can you imagine how awesome a space truck could be? We’re sold, and we want one (or two) right now.