Sep 172012
Carnival Crusader Peter DrakosWe all have odd skills. Weird little things each of us can do better than anyone else. For example, the author of this blog post can bark like a duck (that’s a post and explanation for another time). 64-year-old Peter Drakos of Detroit, Michigan is really good at midway games, the kind that line the center of the fair when it comes to town. He’s so awesome at it, that management at fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks in the area he lives in have put limits on the number of prizes people can win because he normally cleans them out.  If there was someone who was the best in the world at carnival games, Drakos would hold the title. So what does a guy do with all the prizes won by playing these games?  Especially if he’s been playing for about 40 years? By his own estimate, Drakos has given away around 250,000 stuffed animals to charities over the years.  His love and enjoyment for playing the games has turned into a charitable effort.   “There’s no dollar value that you can put on a child’s face when you give them a stuffed animal,” he told ABC News. “People tell me, ‘My daughter slept with this bear for three years. My daughter slept with this doggie for two years.’” Read more at, but don’t expect to learn too many secrets on how to crack the system for winning prizes!   Like on Facebook! Want to read more about those who Keep it Real?