Sep 122012
Storm Truck Custom Fiberglass Enclosures

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The custom fiberglass enclosure portion of our SEMA truck build is complete, and it’s giving us a great idea of the kind of bumps we’ll be hearing out of the truck box! How Did We Do It? To get the job done, Jon Huseby and the Site on Sound team first created the frame of the speaker box and subwoofer enclosure box, to fit to the pickup box. Then they added a center piece and started working on the mounting circles for the sub woofers, speakers and tweeters. “All in all, by the time we were done, it was probably three-and-a-half cubic feet per side,” Jon says. “Then of course, obviously, the 10’s in the back have their own sealed enclosure, away from the 12’s, so they don’t interfere.” The 10″ speakers will be a mid-based driver. “So when you’re playing that first-player shooter game you can feel the gunshots,” Jon explains. “That’ll be really cool.” Once the skeleton for the speaker enclosure boxes and amp rack were done, they moved on to creating the outer shell of the pieces using fiberglass. The fiberglass work continued, with four methods total, as the guys moved on to create the TV lift cover, the amp rack cover and more. Livin’ the SEMA Dream This was an intense project that took about a month of work. Jon can’t wait to finish the rest of the work on the truck and show it off at SEMA. “It’s always been a big dream to go to SEMA,” Jon says, “and you never think that you’d have a car that goes there. But there you go!” Check out the video below to see how the custom fiberglass enclosure project came together. Jon also shares some tips on how to fiberglass using various methods. Want More? You can find our multimedia coverage of’s SEMA truck on the Storm Truck Project Home Page. You can also stay in the loop by following the Storm Truck Project on Facebook. We follow an inspiring set of Guiding Principles at RealTruck, which encourage us to take on projects like this. We hope you enjoy the truck as much as we are!