Dec 132012
It’s not much of a secret that a few (and by a few, we mean a lot) of us around our offices are massive nerds. We’re comfortable with that though, and we’re completely willing to own our nerdiness. However, we’re also all about cool vehicles and taking auto customization to its limits (check out our Storm Truck Project for evidence of this) and it was only a matter of time then before someone here would ask, “Which superheroes out there have the most awesome vehicles?” The worlds of movies and comic books, free from being restrained by things like “budgets” and “real life,” have created some incredible works of automotive genius that we can only dream of stepping into and taking for a spin. We never want to let a good question go unanswered, and so without further delay, we present our Top 5 Most Awesome Superhero Vehicles! 5. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThe Ninja Turtles Party Wagon Has there ever been a cooler team of fictional crime fighting amphibians than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? In a word, no. The stars of the original 80’s and 90’s comic book and TV series were bad*** enough that they could get away with driving a van. To be fair though, most vans don’t have sick body modifications, radar, an airfoil, or a sidecar that swings out from the side that the Ninja Turtles Van did, although this real-life recreation comes close.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD Box Set

This DVD box set containing every episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon that recently came out comes in a plastic Party Wagon. Also, Christmas is coming up. Our Web Content Writer isn’t trying to drop any hints (hey Dad!), but he wouldn’t be disappointed if one of these showed up in his mailbox.

4. The Green HornetBlack Beauty On the surface (and ignoring the two fully functional) machine guns mounted onto the hood), this may appear to be the least heavily modified vehicle on our list, appearing much like a standard ’65 Chrysler Imperial Crown. However, that’s before you see the lambo doors swing open, or witness the flame thrower and missile launchers in action. These things are made all the more impressive when you find out that the crew responsible for getting the car prepared for the screen in 2011’s The Green Hornet actually made these modifications. Not only that, but they rebuilt 15 of these cars to get them into good enough shape for the film’s production needs.
Green Hornet's Black Beauty

Our Web Content Writer once thought he got to drive the Green Hornet’s ’65 Chrysler. It turns out he was just dreaming. He was also nearly late for work.

3. TransformersOptimus Prime The only thing cooler than a rad superhero vehicle is a superhero that transforms into a vehicle. We’ve done the science on this one, and our research findings support this claim in what we’ve dubbed our “Theory Of Transformative Vehicular Awesomeness” (your move, MIT). This one is near and dear to our hearts, not only because we love the show, but because he turned into a friggin’ semi-truck. If you’re not into that, we think you may be on the wrong site.
Optimus Prime

We can’t convince our Web Content Writer that this isn’t a real photo.

2. Ghost RiderHell Cycle One of our employees (possibly the one writing this) has made his distaste for every Nicolas Cage movie ever made that wasn’t Con-Air be heard loud and clear. However, even he can’t deny the sheer awesomeness of a dude with a flaming skull for a head whipping around on a flaming motorcycle. We don’t need to say anything else.
Ghost Rider's Motorcycle

Our Web Content Writer also claims he hates Nicolas Cage, but he’s mostly just jealous that he never got to ride this thing.

1. BatmanThe Batmobile Was there any doubt that this would take the number one slot? If there are any questions regarding this selection that we could even consider legitimate, it wouldn’t be whether or not the Batmobile would take top honors, but which Batmobile from what era? They’re all incredibly cool and choosing just one is kind of like choosing a favorite kid, but the writer of this post has no kids and therefore has no qualms making a judgment on this issue. The winner? While it’s tempting to go with the the late 80’s model from Batman, the clear champion has to be the most recent incarnation of the Batmobile from director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. Its sleek design is untouchable, its off-road capabilities should appeal to truck enthusiasts, and if you’re among the zillions of people who have seen these movies, then you know. You just know.
The Batmobile

Our Web Content Writer further claims he would trade his kids to own the Batmobile. He does not have kids.

What are your personal favorites when it comes to superhero vehicles? Agree or disagree with our choices? Comment below and tell us about it! We maintain that we are completely right, but we’re certainly game for friendly debate. That’s all we’ve got for today on the RealTruck blog, but until next time, smile!