Dec 142012
20 Hottest Trucks at SEMA

We enjoyed bringing our Storm Truck to the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a dream come true for our entire team at

But we had an ulterior motive for attending the show this year.  We really wanted to see what other people were doing to trick out their pickups.  Our curiosity over the techniques they were using to get the best looks for their rides was palpable.  To say we were impressed in an understatement.  So we’ve put together an quick album of some of the hottest truck rides we witnessed at SEMA 2012.

This is just a taste and while this album only holds the top 20 trucks, we witnessed Jeeps, cars, and a whole lot more.  So stay tuned for more posts on that topic!

Rusted, but not busted
A few old trucks were @ SEMA 2012
Custom gold, black, and orange finish
Another black matte finish on a jacked Ram truck

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A Ford with a custom front bumper
The grill is the star of this truck!
We'll admit, we were green with envy.
Matte Gunmetal Grey Lowrider Toyota
Duck Dynasty, Anyone?

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Never complain about seeing at night again
An F150 with a bumper upgrade
A little front end paint detail
Toyota, Bringin' Their A Game
GMC Loaded!

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How did this get in here?!
Rims / Wheels Displayed
Low, Black, and Surreal
The Hero's Truck

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Riding Low and Sleek

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White Stenciled Details