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RealTruck News

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Apr 112014
Welcome Edward Jackson to Our Customer Loyalty Team is powered by the efforts of a lot of good people working together to be the top spot online for America’s truck accessory needs. It isn’t easy, but thankfully, we’ve have no shortage of great people joining our team all the time. One of our more recent additions to our Customer Loyalty team is [Read More....]

Jan 222014
Welcome Shelly DeJong To Our Customer Loyalty Team!

Running a company like takes the combined efforts of lots of hard working people. Lately, we’ve been doing more business than ever, and we’ve been adding new folks to our family to help us keep up. Unless we one day reach a future where people are replaced by robots and online stores run themselves, [Read More....]

Oct 312013
Jessica Walters Joins

Awesome truck accessories don’t sell themselves. This is fortunate for us, because if they did, we wouldn’t be here. On the contrary, running an online truck accessory powerhouse like takes the combined efforts of a lot of hardworking people, like Jessica Walters. As one of the most recent additions to our Customer Loyalty team, [Read More....]

Oct 292013
Help us Welcome Candace Kraft to

Our goal at RealTruck is to make sure we deliver the best customer care possible. Delivering on this promise requires the combined efforts of a lot of good people working together. People like Candace Kraft, who has recently joined our team as one of our newest Customer Loyalty Specialists. From here on, she’ll be making [Read More....]

Oct 242013
Matt Sather Joins Our Customer Loyalty Team

As an online retailer, we’re committed to providing our customers with top quality truck accessories seven days a week. This means that some of us must be here, as they say, “working for the weekend.” As the newest Customer Loyalty Specialist to join our team of weekend warriors, the fearless Matt Sather is here to [Read More....]

Sep 192013
RealTruck Featured on Truck U

All of us at RealTruck are super excited to have been featured on TruckU, a show on the GAC network devoted exclusively to trucks. Master mechanic Bruno Massel and monster-truck expert Matt Steele (yes, that’s a thing) took a timeout from working on some sweet ATVs to give viewers an overview of what has [Read More....]

Sep 122013
RealTruck Welcomes Marina Willey To The Team

For some of us (re: the person writing this post), the world of mathematics is frightening and mysterious, filled with big numbers and complex equations that remind us why calculators were invented. Then there are folks like Marina Willey, who takes to math like a wizard takes to magic. As our new Accounting Assistant, she [Read More....]

Aug 282013
John Scott Joins The RealTruck Team

Our Content Team is constantly shooting new product videos every day to help deliver the best customer experience we can. Whether it’s to demonstrate product features, show how to install an accessory, or warn the world about the dangers of excessive air-guitar playing, we’re certain we’re moments away from winning an Emmy. In order to [Read More....]