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Bug Shields

Bug Shields

Getting a bug shield (also known as a bug deflector) might be the easiest decision you have ever made for your truck. What is there to think about? Having a bug deflector on your truck means you don't have to waste time scrubbing dried bug viscera from your hood. We've all been at the car wash looking around, trying to find something to scrape off nature's nastiness from our precious paint job. Read More
30 Products

30 Products
Trying our best not to damage the finish. But let's face it, without power tools or the hand of God himself, it's just not going to happen. Enter the bug shield. For the truck that has been properly armored with a bug deflector, this situation could disappear from your life altogether.
A bug shield isn't as delicate as a paint job. If you need to clean it, go to work on it like it's made of high impact polymer. BECAUSE IT IS! Even if you put a scratch on it, so what? That’s what it’s there for! Your bug shield takes the scratches and hits from flying debris like a champ because that’s what it was designed for. Putting a bug deflector on your truck is like adding another member to your team. One that’s sole purpose is to protect your truck from harm. Seems like a no brainer to us.
Add a bug deflector to your ride for style and practicality. We don't need to tell you that having to scrape endless amounts of bugs off your truck is pretty gross. Getting chips and cracks in your windshield from rocks and debris isn't a lot of fun either. Fortunately, our virtual treasure trove of bug shields features plenty of high quality products to help prevent these maladies, from top brand names like Stampede, AVS, Driver Design, EGR, Lund, Wade, and Weathertech.
Features and Benefits
The first and foremost reason to invest in one of our bug shields is pretty self explanatory. They do a fantastic job of stopping bugs from hitting your hood and windshield, and feature easy-to-clean surfaces that are safe to go through the car wash. The advantage to this is that instead of a having a dirty hood, or having your vision obscured by hordes of flies and mosquitoes, you have a relatively inexpensive accessory that’s built to be a flying insect’s worst enemy. It’s not something you might normally think about, but it can be challenging to remove a thick layer of caked-on bug guts from your finish without scraping the paint job on your vehicle. 
Furthermore, a bug deflector can also help fend off rocks and debris that can crack your auto glass. This is something that’s probably even less fun than having to deal with an army of bugs that have kindly decided to smash themselves into your vehicle. Dollar for product, this is a great value in the long run considering the potential to save you more money down the line. What would you do with that extra money? We’d probably spend it on more truck accessories, but we might be slightly biased that way.
All of the models we carry feature highly durable construction, easy no-drill installation, and are almost guaranteed to draw a lot of compliments from friends, family, and people you don’t even know!
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