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Chevy Bug Shields

Chevy Bug Shields

One way to protect your Chevrolet from insects would be to keep it locked away in your garage day and night, but we all know that's impossible.  You're a real Chevy owner and you need a real solution like Chevy bug shields from  We carry an incredibly large online stock of Chevy hood deflectors for you truck, crossover or SUV that not only comes with an awesome warranty, but ships for free!  It's part of our commitment to Deliver More to you, our Chevy lovers. Read More
30 Products

30 Products
Features and Benefits
Summer can be tough on your vehicle in more ways than one.  Punishing heat, road construction with tons of tar and gravel, and bugs.  Tons and tons of gooey, eewy, sticky bugs that seem to become one with your windshield after they fly into it.  There's a simple solution and it's inexpensive and easy to install.  Chevy bug deflectors are made from impact resistant acrylic.  That means they're tough enough to handle road grit and small rocks as well as the winged beasts of the road like dragonflies, mosquitos, gnats, and moths that like to get up in your business.  Chevy Bug Deflector

Chevy bug shields are great and performing three functions for your sport utility vehicle, truck or even your CUV.  They deflect the bugs, at higher speed they create an updraft and push the bugs up and over your hood and windshield, and finally, they add a little bit of style and personality to your vehicle.  Weren't expecting that last one, were you?  

Installation, as we mentioned before, is super simple.  All our Chevy hood deflectors are either bolt-on or tape-on attachments or a combination of both. They're custom molded to fit the make and year of your truck or other vehicle so you don't have to worry about drilling any additional holes into the underside of your hood. You can literally install this lightweight accessory with the tools you have in your garage right now!

For more details on the Chevy hood deflector, check out our Bug Shield Guide.  

A Moustache for Your Bowtie
Looking good ain't easy, but you'll make it look like it is when you put one of these Chevy truck bug shields on your ride.  There are over 22 different styles to choose from and with top named brands like WeatherTech, Husky Liner, AVS, and EGR manufacturing these hood deflectors, you know you're getting the best warranties on the planet.  

*Note we used to say universe, but since the recent Mars Curiosity landing studies, we hesitant to say make claims regarding guarantees outside of our own solar system.  

Choose from black, chrome, clear, and even camo design styles.  For those who are looking to amp up their look with something a little more interesting, there are flames, checkered flags, patriotic, military, and more.  Truly something for every personality and some personalities you might not even be aware of!  

One way to accent your vehicle is to match your hood shield with your vent visors, fender flares or even your nerf bars or running boards.  Chrome accent or black (smoke) accessories are a great way to make your truck stand out from the crowd!

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We're on standby if you need help while shopping for your Chevy bug deflector.  Our Customer Loyalty Team can be reached by dialing 877-216-5446.  We can also help with any other Chevy accessories you may have a hankerin' for.

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