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Our Mission is simple - to make peoples lives and vehicles better. We do this by practicing our guiding principles. These are the fundamentals we strive to live by.


The goal for our culture here at RealTruck is to merge our personal values with work values. Oftentimes we found that we were one person with a set of ideals and guiding principles in our personal life, and then a completely different person when it came to business, and we really didn't want to work under those types of parameters.

So our ultimate goal at RealTruck is to create an environment that allows you to be you at work.

Our Guiding Principals

Deliver More #DeliverMore

Delivering more than expected is our first guiding principle. The "status quo" is never enough. We have a duty to go above and beyond what is expected, to fulfill unrecognized needs, create surprise and serendipity leading to a lasting emotional impact and connection. Delivering more creates smiles and memorable experiences. To be exceptional, we must constantly deliver more and find creative ways to do this with our customers, co-workers and partners. We must be determined to do this to an ever increasing degree. A helpful spirit and highly considerate actions are the essential requirements to deliver more.

Transparency Rocks #TransparencyRocks

We value strong and lasting relationships. It is critical for relationship-building to have effective, open, and honest communication. Communication is always difficult in any organization, being transparent eliminates guesswork and misunderstanding. We want everyone to always try to go to any length to encourage transparent, thorough, complete, and effective communication. It is important because everyone needs to understand how each of us and our teams connect to the big picture and what our mission is. Clear and honest communication, guided by transparency allows us to create stronger, lasting relationships and positive emotional experiences with our customers, partners, teams and each other. Work takes on new meaning, instead of a task or chore; we are now doing something for a friend. We are able to transmit a genuine attitude of caring that translates into service made visible.

Improve #Improve

With an open mind and a passionate spirit, pursue innovation and ongoing improvement. Let's wrap our hearts and minds around the idea of ongoing change. Create it, drive it, embrace it, inspire it and lead it. Status quo is the curse of business and we want to be extraordinary. Constant change is something we seek. Not only do we seek change, we want to be the creators of it. Companies can copy our policies and ideas, but they can't copy our people or our spirit. Innovation must come from everywhere in our company. Find ways to do more with less and remember "good enough" is the enemy of the great. Each of us need to spend time learning new things personally and professional for ongoing improvement. Working hard and putting in the extra effort is what creates great transformation. We should be adventurous and always be striving to make something better.

Take Risks #TakeRisks

Don't be afraid to take risks. Leadership doesn't come from authority, rather the ability to help others achieve more than they thought they could. You have the authority and power to take risks and make mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes, provided we learn from them. Don't accept status quo or that's how we always done it. We should be adventurous and always be striving to make something better. We want to be creative and unconventional with our solutions. An entrepreneurial spirit and taking risks is needed and is what allows us the possibility of being exceptional.

Include Fun #IncludeFun

Don't just have fun, create it. We want RealTruck to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for our customers, partners and each other. In our pursuit of happiness, we want to add fun and excitement to all areas of our company. From how we design our web pages, conduct meetings to our interaction with people, we strive to practice our guiding principles. We believe the happier and more enjoyable we are the more productive we can be. Always remembering, that we take our responsibilities serious, but not ourselves.

Be Humble #BeHumble

We must be respectful of everyone and treat everyone just like we would want to be treated if we were in their position. There can't be anything that needs to be done that is beneath me. Our successes are important, but we must not let that go to our head. We should not praise ourselves, but rather let our customers, partners and co-workers do it for us. An ethic of giving back and forward is highly valued. Being grateful for what we have, not taking anything for granted, being of service, helping others reach their fullest potential, setting up others for future success and making the future better is the spirit of being humble. When praised, we should give thanks and pass on credit. When we fall short, we should accept responsibility by being willing to correct and learn from it.

The guiding principles are about trying to improve the RealTruck experience, believe it or not, the direct goal of them was not to increase sales, we wanted to increase and make better the user experience for people who shop on, for our partners who interact with us and for our employees. And we felt if we could make all of those better, the rest of the stuff would take care of itself, and thankfully, after a couple years, that's certainly proven to be true.

RealTruck in the Wild

Sales come we think, once you get your own house in order, and we've created an environment we're very proud of and an ethic that we're very happy to live by. It shows in our sales and our environment, the by-product, if you will, of trying to practice these guiding principles.

- RealTruck