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    Returns FAQs

    1. Q: Why do I need a return authorization number (RMA)?

      A: The RMA number helps the warehouse identify and verify your return. Our warehouses receive hundreds of packages every day. Without an identifying RMA number, your package may become lost, and will delay the refund or replacement process. Some of the warehouses may refuse your package if it does not have the RMA number, and this could result in the package being returned to you.


    2. Q: Who pays for the return shipping?

      A: We do! RealTruck will provide a prepaid shipping label to you. That’s right, RealTruck will pay for the return shipping.


    3. Q: Why do I need to send pictures for certain returns?

      A: In the case that your product has shipping damage, is defective, fits poorly, or is not the item you ordered, the warehouses and the shipping carriers (UPS/Fed Ex, etc.) will require picture evidence of the issue. Providing these photos will help speed the process of getting a replacement sent out to you.


    4. Q: I can’t print my return label. What can I do?

      A: In most cases, if you are unable to print your label, you can contact the shipping carrier (UPS or Fed Ex) and they can walk you through the process. If they are unable to assist you and you are still having trouble, give us a call, and we can get a label mailed to you.


    5. Q: Do you charge restocking fees?

      A: Nope!

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    6. Q: Where do I return my item?

      A: You will receive return instructions with your Return Authorization number (RMA) (where can a customer locate this on their return email?). This will give you the specific address to which you must return your item. There are instances in which the location that shipped the item to you is not the same place to which you should return it, so please wait for instructions and the RMA number before returning your item. Of course, your prepaid label will be completed with the correct address to return your item.


    7. Q: What if I have a warranty issue?

      A: Please contact us! We will facilitate a warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf. We will contact the vendor with the issue, and coordinate a repair or replacement as necessary. Please remember to snap a few pictures – this will help expedite the process. If the manufacturer prefers to handle warranty claims directly with you, we will let you know, and will continue to monitor the warranty claim until it is resolved.


    8. Q: How soon can I get a replacement or exchange?

      A: As soon as the item that you are returning is enroute to its warehouse, we can get your replacement ordered. If you have are returning your item due to shipping damage, we will order a replacement for you as soon as we file a claim with the shipping carrier (usually within 24-48 hours). If your package is lost, we file a tracer with the shipping company and allow them time (usually 3-5 business days) to locate your package and get it delivered. If they are unable to locate your package, we will place a replacement order for you as soon as we hear from the shipping carrier.


    9. Q: How long does it take to receive my refund?

      A: Once you have shipped your order back, and we have confirmed tracking, we will process your refund. Depending on your financial institution, it can take between 3-10 business days for the refund to show up on your card or statement.


    10. Q: I would like to return a gift that was sent to me. How do I do that?

      A: We’re sorry you don’t enjoy your gift! Just give us a call and a Customer Loyalty Specialist will find the original order and process the return. We can give you a gift card for the purchase amount or we can process an exchange for a different item.

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    11. Q: I printed out my return label and misplaced it. How can I retrieve it again?

      A: You can contact us and a Customer Loyalty Specialist would be happy to send it to you via email or via snail-mail.


    12. Q: I am returning an item purchased with a gift card. How does that work?

      A: Orders with gift cards will be refunded to a gift card for your convenience. A new gift card number will be emailed to you, credited with the return product amount.


    13. Q: How long do I have to return an item?

      A: You have 30 days from the time of delivery.


    14. Q: Why can’t I return items shipped freight or custom-built products?

      A: Items shipped freight cannot be returned if the customer has signed the bill of lading as this signature represents an acknowledgement that the correct item was received, and in proper condition. If you fail to document any damages or issues on the bill of lading, you are saying that the product delivered is exactly what you requested and in good condition, and a ship damage claim can no longer be filed. Please examine products received to ensure you received the correct item and that there are no damages before signing anything.

      Custom/made-to-order products make your truck look amazing but are non-returnable. If there’s any question about getting the right fit for your vehicle, please call us first so we can help make sure you get the amazing, fully warrantied, custom-made part that your truck deserves.

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