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Dodge Dakota Accessories

Dodge Dakota Accessories

Our site is fully loaded with all the Dodge Dakota accessories you need to get the most from your pickup. If you’re looking to improve the looks, functionality, or power of your Dakota, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 900 accessories, including everything from tonneau covers to nerf bars to exhausts and more, if it goes on a Dakota, then you’re certain to find it here. You'll find top brands like WeatherTech, Access, and more represented here. Combined with our affordable prices, free shipping (to anywhere within the connected 48 states), and supportive customer care, your truck is in good hands with us.

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1240 Products

1240 Products

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Being from North Dakota you better believe we at have an appreciation for the often under-appreciated Dodge Dakota. From its humble beginnings as a compact pickup with mid-size performance, to its later more beefy brethren, we love the Dakota. In the following pages you’ll find the best of the best upgrades and accessories for your Dodge Dakota including the most popular dodge dakota accessories like Mud Flaps, Tonneau Covers, Bed Mats, Nerf Bars, Floor Mats, Vent Visors and more. 
If you are looking at upgrading your Dakota then you’ve found the best place to start. Just because your Dakota is a midsize doesn’t mean that the list of available accessories is mid-sized. literally has thousands of parts and upgrades made specifically to turn your Dodge Durango into YOUR Dodge Durango. One of our favorite things about being in the automotive aftermarket is that we truly do have the power to make people lives and vehicles better and we are dedicated to that very cause with you and your Dakota.

Features And Benefits
We have all the accessories you need to successfully complete any Dodge Dakota customization project. If your goal is improved or expanded functionality, then we have an extensive array of running boards, truck bed covers, and nearly anything else you could imagine to help make life with your truck easier and more enjoyable. Our site also features plenty of performance chips, exhausts, and more for maximizing power, hitches and towing accessories for hauling large loads, and more.

You can keep your interior in top condition with our floor mats and seat covers, as well as custom gauges and dash kits. That’s only touching on a small portion of what we have to offer, too. No matter if you’re an off-road conqueror, die-hard mud bogger, hard working contractor, tireless farmer, or a city cruiser, we can help you get the most out of your Dodge Dakota. Since we’re committed to only carrying Dodge Dakota accessories from reputable brands as well, you can order with confidence. If we wouldn’t put it on our own truck, then we wouldn’t expect you to put it on yours, either.

Awesome Style
Even if we say otherwise, we all care about how our trucks look. There’s nothing like seeing a fully customized Dodge Dakota with sick accessories like chrome trim, a burly bumper, or a slick tonno. Anything you install on your truck is going to impact its looks, and we’re here to help make yours stand out.

Dakota History
The Dakota was a staple in the Chrysler truck lineup from 1987 to 2010 model years. A midsize truck that offered more room and power and competing compacts, without all the bulk of a full-size truck, it remains a compelling option for used truck shoppers looking for the ideal pickup in this niche. Redesigned in ’92, ’97, and ’05 before ending its run, we’ll help you trick yours out, whether you’re a new or longtime owner.

Unmatched Customer Care
Not only do we have an unbeatable selection of Dodge Dakota accessories, we also provide some of the best customer care to be found anywhere in the industry. When you talk, we listen, and we also understand because we’re truck enthusiasts too. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please call us at 877-216-5446 and our Customer Loyalty Representatives will be glad to offer their assistance.

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