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Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Class IV Trailer Hitch

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  • Heavy Duty Class IV:  Features a 2" square receiver tube opening
  • Up to 12,000lb WC/14,000lb WD:  Rated up to 12,000 lbs WC / 1,200 lb TW - 14,000 lbs / 1,400 lbs WD.
  • Computer Aided Design:  Solid All Welded Contruction:  For maximum strength and safety.  Custom built according to the manufacture & model year to ensure perfect fit and top towing performance.
  • Premium Powdered Coat Finish:  Premium black powder coated finish.
  • Made for Pickups & SUV's:  Designed for full size pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles with full frames and heavy duty suspensions.
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty:  Backed by a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty.


The Class IV Ultra Frame Trailer Hitches by Draw-Tite are great for heavy duty trailer towing applications. Rated up to 12,000 lbs GTW Weight Carrying and 15,000lb GTW with Weight Distributing. This trailer hitch has a solid all welded steel construction that is powder coated black for maximum towing performance and safety. Ultra Frame Trailer Hitches are custom built with computer aided design for each specific application for a perfect fit. All Draw-Tite trailer hitches are backed by a nationwide limited lifetime warranty. Tow with confidence.

Order Notes

AA= Requires temporary removal of bumper during install.
AB= Requires four 3/8" spacer blocks #01077-011 for install. (sold separately)
AG= Draw Bar Kit and Adapter Sold Separately
AI= Additional install time required.
AL= Additional install time for vehicles with load leveling compressor.
AO= Will not fit vehicles with twin tail pipes.
AW= Will not fit turbo models.
BF= Requires standard bumper. Will not fit with step bumper.
BK= For vehicles w/out bumper. #2879 must be used (sold separately)
CA= Models with dual exhaust require exhaust modification.
CC= Requires minimum of 19" from end of frame rail to spring shackle bracket.
CN= Requires OE factory bumper for installation.
CO= Wont fit 8' bed 2500/3500 w/ heavy duty suspension package or 4 DR Crew Cabs.
CP= Fits all models without factory installed receiver.
CQ= Wont fit will heavy duty suspension.
CR= Fits w/ mini spare tire under vehicle. Won't fit with fullsize spare.
CS= Will fit w/ full size spare tire under vehicle.
CU= Includes models with large fuel tank and skid shield.
DA= Will not fit with tube style bumper.
DB= Will not fit 6ft bed pickups.
DH= Can't be installed on 87-97 vehicles w/ factory step bumpers unless step bumper and its mounting brackets are permanently removed and standard factory bumper is installed.
DX= Requires six 3/8" spacer blocks (01077-011) and size 1/2-13 x 2-1/4" GR5 carriage bolts (01266-009) which are not provided.
EB= Factory electrical bracket will not fit with this hitch. Must used aftermarket electrical box or bracket.
EF= Fits all models with standard bumpers.
EO= Requires longer ball mount.
EP= Fascia trimming required.
EK= Extended Cab only.
FE= Fascia trimming required - allow additional install time.
FM= Vehicles w/load leveling, air pump mounting modification required.
FP= Spare tire repositioning and/or modification of spare tire carrier may be required.
FS= Includes 2 & 4WD models with heavy duty suspension.
FX= Fits vehicles w/spacer between E/A unit and frame built before Jan '93 and after Mar '93.
GH= Will not fit models with 34" wide frames.
GO= Requires hitch w/ packaging date code 2-15-94 or later.
GP= Hitch Crosstube concealed behind bumper.
GU= Wont fit w/ factory or aftermarket lower fascia/rollpan or tube bumper.
GW= Spare tire can't be stowed under vehicle on short wheelbase models equipped w/15" or full size spares.
GX= Requires fabrication of "L" bracket to reposition exhaust on 95 and later 6ft box models.
HA= External dress panel beneath 95-97 and 03-05 must be removed for hitch installation.
HB= Slight fascia deformation may occur on some models.
HC= Will not fit with mini or fullsize spare tire stowed under vehicle.
HD= Will not fit 6ft bed pickups except 6ft bed super cab.
HK= Under vehicle spare tire carrier may be retained with aftermarket spare tire repositioner. Cutting of rollpan near license plate required for receiver tube access. Does not fit with bumper.
HM= Hitch Crosstube visible beneath bumper.
HX= Minor exhaust modification may be required.
HY= Ultra Frame ball mount#4283 cannot be used in rise position on vehicles with step bumpers.
J= Under vehicle spare tire stowage is retained.
JF= Will not fit with 16" spare.
JL= Installation requires OEM bumper and brackets.
JR= Exhaust must be temporarily lowered for install.
JT= 2WD models only.
K= Adapter kit #1685 required with #41504 for 1980 & later F-Series Pickups.
KF= Will not fit flareside.
KH= Minor heat shield modifaction maybe required.
KK= When installing on vehicle originally equipped with OE Hitch. OE bumper brackets must be purchased prior to new hitch install.
KL= Hitch is designed to attach beneath the OEM hitch.
L= Exhaust repositioning required.
LT= Requires removal of factory hitch if equipped.
M= Will fit w/ heavy duty suspension.
O= Will not fit vehicles equipped with dual exhaust exiting below the bumper.
P= For 124" wide wheelbase and E350 models. Adapter kit #2626 is required (sold separately)
RB= Hitch install is easier with a cutter type drill bit.
RO= Will not fit Silverado SS
SA= Requires drilling on 6ft bed models.
SD= Hitch produced before 07/06 rated at 350/3500WC
SG= Hitches produced before 9-10-07 rated at 1000/10,000 WC & 1200/12,000 WD.
SH= Hitches products before 9/27/07 rated at 1200/12,000 WC & 1400/14,000 WD.
T= Vans with step bumpers require longer ball mounts.
TA= Truck access required for installation.
TF= For 3/4 & 1 Ton vehicles only.
U= Cannot be used on vehicles with step bumpers.
VB= Will not fit vehicles with vibration damper installed at rear of frame on driver side.
X= Minor fascia trimming required.
#= Titan hitches require 2-1/2" shank ball mount
@=Ultra Frame ball mount must be used for max weight rating.

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This product offers an easy, at home installation. The installation instructions manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.

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