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EZ-Plow Snow Plow

  • SuperPlow Snow Plow
  • SuperPlow Snow Plow
  • SuperPlow Snow Plow
  • SuperPlow Snow Plow

SuperPlow Snow Plow
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Rugged and revolutionary, the EZ-Plow rear mounted snow plow is a great alternative to front mount snow plows. Heavy duty construction, simple mounting and easy use make the EZ-Plow perfect for homeowners, business owners, or contractors!

The EZ-Plow rear mounted snow plow is a commercial grade plow constructed using heavy duty steel materials and offers up to 1200lbs of down force. This allows the EZ-Plow to break and clear the thickest ice and over 24" of snow in one pass. The rear mounted plow is also capable of angling the direction of the blade, allowing snow to be moved to either the left or right side of the vehicle.

The EZ-Plow quickly mounts to your vehicle using a rear 2" receiver hitch and does not require an installation kit or bulky mounting brackets. The EZ-Plow's revolutionary design allows this rear mounted snow plow to push or pull, enabling the user to move snow while driving in either direction. The EZ-Plow snow plow is easily moved from one vehicle to another making it convenient and versatile for users with multiple vehicles or upgrading to a newer vehicle.
The rear mounted EZ-Plow is easily raised or lowered by a fast acting hydraulic cylinder. An on-board battery powers the electric over hydraulic powered cylinder. The EZ-Plow can then be raised or lowered from inside the cab with the included remote. The EZ-Plow is extremely easy to use and maneuver around curbs and other obstacles with both sides of the plow blade are visible the side mirrors.

The EZ-Plow is a available in a 7 and 8 foot widths as well as two options for charging the plow battery. Users can connect the plow to their vehicles 7 pin trailer connector to allow a trickle charge to extend your plow time, or purchase the plow with an optional battery maintainer that allows users to charge the battery between uses.

Each EZ-Plow comes complete with all necessary hardware needed for installation and a storage cart allowing the plow to be easily mounted, moved, or stored when not in use.

Order Notes

Note: Battery is Not Included.

Shipping Notes

Due to size and weight, The SuperPlow will be shipped via truck freight.  Our freight carrier offers lift gate services to your door for added convenience.  Please allow up to 14 days for shipment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Homeowners use a rear-mounted plow?

The benefits of owning a Super Plow are many:

  • Works great for plowing driveways of all types
  • Mounts on any 4WD, AWD, SUV or light truck
  • Simple to mount and remove
  • One-time investment, and transfers to next vehicle just to name a few…
Why should Contactors use a rear-mounted plow?

  • Saves time
  • Compliments any front mounted plow
  • Plows snow in forward and reverse (only snow plow that can make that claim!)
  • Virtually eliminates back-dragging
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy duty construction for years of service
  • Works well in confined spaces
What types of vehicles can a SuperPlow mount onto?

  • Superplow will work on virtually all SUV’s, trucks, or AWD vehicles, and even some 2wd vehicles with good traction and a Class III hitch.
 In pulling the snow, doesn’t it jam up under the wheels?

  • Because of SuperPlow’s patented intuitive pivoting feature it is nearly impossible to jam up, even in the highest snowfalls.
 How well does the blade clean a driveway?

  • Superplow has over 1250lbs. of downward scraping pressure in forward, and even more in reverse based on our engineered design.
 How do you plow to the left or right?

  • SuperPlow’s pivoting feature works on a very simple principle. The edge of the plow that gets the most resistance (snow) is the side that the plow pivots to. With a little practice it becomes very easy to manage snow into banks, and put the snow where you want it. If you need to “lock” the plow on one side we supply a simple mechanical linkage to do so. After all who knows your driveway (obstacles) better then you do?
Is this plow only for light snow?

  • No, because of our commercial grade materials and patented design Superplow can take on all storms utilizing common sense. We have had customers use our plow in storms of 24+ inches. SuperPlow also works well in heavy wet snow where snow throwers would be useless.
If I wake up and find snow, can I really mount this plow in a minute or two?

  • Absolutely, your trailer hitch is always ready, and our mounting/storage cart makes installation into your trailer hitch a breeze. Attach plow, safety chain, and plug in the power and you are ready to go
Can I use my Super Plow on any type of driveway or road?

  • Yes, SuperPlow works on all types of surfaces. With our toggle switch you can adjust the blade in any height needed. This is especially important on gravel surfaces. You can even use your plow to do some “light” grading if necessary.
What is the best size plow for my vehicle?

  • Many times size is a matter of personal preference. Most vehicles will handle an 8ft. plow. It really depends on the amount of plowing to be done and the width of the drive. We recommend any vehicle wider then 74” use an 8ft plow for visibility in side mirrors. If you are unsure you can use a tape measure and mark the distance from the center of your hitch to either side of the vehicle in either 3ft. 6 inches (7ft plow) or 4 ft. (8ft.) place an object and then check the view from your side mirrors.
Are there any hitch height restrictions?

  • Yes, your hitch height to the center of the hitch must be between 16-19 inches. If it is lower or higher, SuperPlow has Hitch Adapters for raising or lowering your hitch height.
Are the controls complicated?

  • No, your SuperPlow has two options.
1.        A simple up/down toggle switch that can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle (standard)

2.        Or a simple up/down remote “key fob” option so there are no switches in your vehicle (optional)

Is installation complicated?

  • No, as a matter of fact most of our customers choose to do the wiring installation themselves. We provide a wiring kit  with all the parts you should need. But if you prefer a local dealer, mechanic or installer should be able to do it in just a few hours.
  • Super Plow uses a top quality hydraulic motor to raise and lower our plow. These pumps are used in many commercial applications, and are very reliable.
 How is the plow raised?

  • SuperPlow uses a top quality hydraulic motor to raise and lower our plow. These pumps are used in many commercial applications, and are very reliable.
 Does my SuperPlow come with a warranty?

  • Of course, SuperPlow, LLC stands behind our products and designs, and welcomes any feedback so that we can continually improve and upgrade our products. Our warranties are equal to or better than the industry standards.
If I buy a new vehicle can I keep my Super Plow?

  • Absolutely, this may be the last snowplow you need to buy. To transfer to your next vehicle all you would need is a new installation kit.
Is the SuperPlow as expensive as a front plow?

  • No, Super Plow is priced between a high-end snow thrower, and a commercial grade front mounted plow.


  • Mounts directly on any class III 2x2” trailer hitch
  • Mounts and dismounts in under a minute
  • Plows in forward and reverse directions (Only the SuperPlow can do that!)
  • Works effectively on virtually all SUV’s and 4x4’s
  • A one-time investment that transfers to your next vehicle
  • Patented design diverts snow to left or right automatically
  • 15 years of continuous use field testing
  • No snow build up under vehicle
  • Works well in high and heavy snow
  • Down pressure springs with over 1,200 lbs. of scraping power
  • See both sides of plow in side mirrors
  • Available in popular 7 ft. and 8 ft. models
  • Perfect for homeowners with tough driveways
  • Single wireless remote control – just up and down
  • No snow plow lights required
  • Commercial grade 1/4” steel blade
  • Combine with front plow to dramatically reduce work time
  • Fewer moving parts than front plows
  • Optional blade extensions also available
  • Uses top quality hydraulic power unit with self-contained battery on board.
  • Additional Features

    Attachment Hitch: Hitch/cart safety chain in cart position
    Down Pressure Spring: Two 500lb down pressure springs plus the weight of the blade (250lbs) create over 1250lbs of scraping force driving forward.
    Electrical Plug: Weatherproof marine grade power connector
    Heavy Duty Construction: Heavy-duty 1/4" steel construction with powder coat finish should make your SuperPlow last for many years
    Optional Adapter: View of optional hitch adapter, size varies by vehicle height
    Ove The Road Safety Chain: Over the road carrying safety chain
    Pivoting Action: Patented pivoting action angles your plow intuitively
    SuperPlow Rear Mounted Snow PlowSuperPlow Rear Mounted Snow Plow: SuperPlow in scraping position.
    Plow on Storage Dolly: Plows can easily be moved and stored when not in use. The cart also makes it possible to mount the plow on your vehicle in under a minute.
    Raised Height: Plow in raised height position
    Pushing Snow Up Bank: SuperPlow allows you to manage banks before, during, and after storms
    Rear Plowing Angle: Aggressively engineered rear plowing angle
    Receiver Height: Hitch height must be 16-19 inches to center, if not a hitch adapter is needed
    Rear Push Angle: Notice the angle and forces egineered to scrape when plowing in reverse.
    Remote: Standard toggle switch in cab or optional remote key chain
    Reflective Striping: Safety reflective warning tape on both plow edges for high visibility in low light conditions.
    Saftey Chain: Hitch/cart safety chain in hitch position
    Side View: The SuperPlow works well in all types of snow and leaves a smooth, clean surface.
    Side View 7ft Plow: Side mirror view of 7 foot plow on a 74" wide vehicle. Approx. 4 inches of sightline
    Side View 8ft Plow: Side mirror view of 8 foot plow on a 74" wide vehicle. Approx. 10 inches of sightline
    Ready for Shipment: 8ft. SuperPlow ready for shipment to it's new home.


    This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please see the installation manual below. You may also call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.
    PDF IconWiring Instructions

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