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WeatherTech Vs Husky Liners Floor Mats

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Custom molded floor mats are the best way to protect the interior of your vehicle from prolonged exposure to your feet, mud, moisture, and the daily grind you bring whenever you get in and out of your ride. Two of the top brands we sell at RealTruck, WeatherTech and Husky Liner, are great at protecting your carpet and your interior from long term damage, however many times we’re asked what the difference is between the two brands. This handy guide was created to help you compare between our top two sellers.



WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech extreme duty tan floor liners
WeatherTech Extreme Duty tan floor liners
Made to protect the interior of your vehicle, the WeatherTech brand strives to provide a custom fit that completely covers the floor of your front or rear seats. They’re considered a premium grade product because of their durable rubber material construction as well as the methods used to custom fit the year, make, and model of your truck or SUV. Laser precision is needed to get a perfect fit including up the side of your driver’s side brake and gas pedal area as well as the curves and dips of the floor. 

WeatherTech mats are available in gray, black, and tan. You can order front, second, and third row seats as well as rear cargo area liners. Placement and stability of the WeatherTech mats is possible due to the underside gripping nibs, compatibility with vehicle retention hooks, and the nature of the custom design. Far from a light-weight product, WeatherTech mats are more substantial in weight and construction than your average, off-the-shelf floor mats available at a big box store. 

While the most popular product sold at RealTruck through the WeatherTech line are the Extreme Duty floor liners (the most heavy duty / custom fit line we carry), we also offer WeatherTech’s All Weather floor mats. These mats allow the same raised ridges and protection for vehicles that don’t require as custom of a fit. All Weather mats are considered semi-custom.  


Husky Liners Floor Mats 

husky liners classic style floor mats
Husky Liners Classic-Style floor mats
While many of the features are the same, there are a few specific differences in the Husky brand that sets them apart from WeatherTech. They also offer precision cut, laser fit custom floor mats for your particular vehicle. The Husky Liner product is also made to cover and protect the entire area in which the liner was designed.  For instance, a pair of front liners will cover every available inch of carpeted flooring to the best the application can allow.  

Raised nibs are molded beneath the Husky floor liner to keep it from shifting after you install, and the diamond pattern (and in some cases like with the Husky All Weather floor mats, raised ridges) keep you from tracking dirt in and out of the vehicle.  

The heavy duty construction is not rubber, in most cases it is an elastomeric, or rubberized thermoplastic. This makes the floor liner a little less heavy, yet still extremely durable and able to handle years and years of wear.  

The biggest Husky brand seller at RealTruck are the Husky Liners Classic Style floor mats. These are custom fit to the year, make, and model of your vehicle. There are Husky All Weather floor mats available with the same durable features, but with more of a semi-custom fit.


Customer Reviews

A great way to get the best idea on whether or not particular floor liners (whether it be Husky or WeatherTech) are right for your vehicle, is to check out some product reviews. You can get there by simply visiting the product page linked above, and clicking on the reviews tab. The information regarding appearance, ease of installation, quality, and price / value comparison are listed from past shoppers. The five star rating system is easy to follow and understand. Additional comments are normally left by our past shoppers, and RealTruck encourages honest feedback on our site.