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Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite Tonneau Cover

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  • Flush-Mounted Latch System: The all new Fold-A-Cover G4-ELITE offers the industries first flush mounted latch system. This all new latch system gives the G4ELITE a much cleaner look with uninterrupted lines. The new flush mounted latch systems also improve aerodynamics and aid in increasing fuel economy.
  • Secure Storage: The G4-ELITE truck cover offers secure protection from the elements and prying eyes. It cover offers a weathertight seal along with an eight point latching system to keep unwanted individuals out of your truck bed.
  • Four Panel Design: The G4-Elite's patented four panel design offers great looks as well as versatility no matter how you use your truck. By lifting a single panel this design allows you to quickly access the front or back of your truck bed without having to fully open the cover.
  • Sleek Finish: The G4ELITE cover utilizes a textured black finish that compliments the factory trim finish of any truck. The flush mounted latching system gives the cover a sleeker look. By incorporating sleek looks and clean lines the cover also offers an aerodynamic design that aids in increased fuel economy.
  • Stacks Neatly: The G4-ELITE cover can be driven in the stacked postion. When stacked, the G4-ELITE cover is less than 3 inches high allowing a full view out of your back window while giving you full access to most of your truck bed. This handy feature allows for a variety of tasks, including towing fifth wheel trailers without having to remove the cover.
  • Easy Installation:The G4 ELITE cover offers easy (no drilling) installation. Once the initial installation is complete the cover can be easily removed in a matter of seconds to gain use of the complete truck bed.
  • Durable Construction: The G4 ELITE tonneau cover features an aluminum panel and rail contruction to offer a product that is durable yet light making removal easily done in seconds. All hinges and hardware are stainless steel to resist corrosion.
  • Custom Fit: The G4ELITE hard bed cover is offered in a variety of custom fit models that are available for most domestic and import trucks.
  • Personal Caddy Optional: The Personal Caddy works exclusively with the G4-ELITE cover to provide secure storage and easy access to your cargo. The Cargo Caddy is suspended off the truck bed floor, allowing fully length access for lumber and other long cargo.
  • ISO Certified: Fold-A-Cover is the only manufacturer producing hard folding tonneau truck bed covers in an ISO9001/ISO14001 certified environmentally friendly facility.
  • Locking Mechanism: The G4 tonneau cover is equipped with a locking mechanism that will lock your cover and your tailgate.


Pickup trucks have become mainstream family vehicles offering their owners almost unlimited ways to use them. Your tonneau cover shouldn't be an exception. The Fold-A-Cover G4-ELITE hard folding tonneau cover is designed for the way you live, making it as versatile as it is stylish. The G4ELITE is equipped with a locking mechanism that locks your tonneau cover and tailgate. Opening the G4ELITE cover is a simple two step process that takes just seconds. When open, the G4ELITE truck bed cover stacks under three inches high for an uniterrupted view out of you rear window. The G4ELITE tonneau cover can be driven open in the stacked position allowing you to haul large cargo or even tow a fifth wheel trailer without having to remove the cover. When you need your truck bed to provide a secure location for your cargo the G4ELITE has you covered. The all new flush mounted latch system offers a low profile latch that utilizes an eight point locking security system. Built for your lifestyle, the all new G4-ELITE truck bed cover is the next generation of Fold-A-Cover. Also available is the Personal Caddy Tool Box. This unique cargo carrier fits beneath your G4ELITE cover to provide safe and controlled storage of smaller cargo. The truck bed cover locks over the top of the Personal Caddy providing secure storage as well as a sleek look. The Personal Caddy is constructed of strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant materials, and it can be easily removed when not needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are used in the construction of this cover?

A:  The mounting rails of the G4-ELITE tonno cover are solid aluminum front to back.  The stackable panels are also made of lightweight aluminum materials.  The outer skins are made from stamped aluminum that will never tear or crack. 

Q:  Does the G4-ELITE cover come with a warranty?

A:  Yes,  The G4-ELITE comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.

Q:  Are there any accessories available for the G4-ELITE cover?

A:  Yes, In the near future a new cargo container named the Personal Caddy will be released that will work in conjuction with the G4-ELITE tonneau cover.  This revolutionary new product will fit between the mounting rails and under the cover of your G4-ELITE cover.  Access is gained to the Personal Caddy by folding open the front panel of the G4ELITE cover.  The Personal Caddy allows controlled storage of items in your truck bed without having to worry about them sliding around.  The Personal Caddy is suspended above the truck bed floor, giving full lenght access for hauling lenghty cargo such as lumbar. The Personal Caddy offers secure storage with quick and easy access.  The Personal Caddy can be quickly removed if the use of the full truck bed is needed.

How It Works

Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonno, cover Chevy Silverado Closed
The G4-ELITE bed cover consists of a patented four panel design. When the cover is closed it offers a low profile cover featuring an eight point security system and a sleek, factory look.
Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonno, cover Chevy Silverado Front Open
The four panel design of the G4-ELITE allows easy access to either the front of back of your truck bed by having to lift only one panel. Unlike a roll up cover, there is no need to fully fold up the cover to gain access to the front of your truck bed.
Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonneau, cover Chevy Silverado Stacked
The G4-ELITE truck tonneau cover can be folded using a two step process that takes only seconds. When fully folded the cover is less than 3 inches high to allow full visibility out of the back window. The cover can be locked to allow driving in the stacked position. When stacked the G4-ELITE bed cover gives full access to most of the truck bed. This gives the ability to haul larger cargo or tow a fifth wheel trailer while the cover is on the truck. If need be, the cover can be quickly removed and stored to gain access the full length of the truck bed.

Additional Features

Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonno, cover Chevy Silverado Fully Closed: The Fold-A-Cover G4-Elite is a hard folding truck bed cover. The hard panel design provides a sleek, perfect fit every time. Users will not have to worry about their cover flapping in the wind or securing velcro fasteners.
Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonno, cover Chevy Silverado Front Panel Open: The Fold-A-Cover G4-Elite has a 4 panel design that allows access at both ends of the truck bed. When the cover is not needed, it can easily be stacked or removed.
Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonneau, cover Chevy Silverado Stacked Open: The Fold-A-Cover G4Elite stacks open to give access to most of your truck bed and allow towing of a fifth wheel trailer.
Fold-A-Cover, G4Elite,hard, truck, bed, tonneau, cover Ford F-250 Tailgate Open: The G4Elite allows the tailgate to remain fully operational when the tonno cover is closed.
Personal Caddy Tool Box: The Personal Caddy Tool Box was designed to work exclusively with the G4 Elite truck bed cover. The cargo caddy fits in your truck bed, beneath the G4 Cover. This allows safe and secure storage of your cargo. The personal caddy is suspended above the bed floor to allow full length access for lumber or other long cargo.


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please see call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.