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> Fold-A-Cover Style Step Running Boards

Fold-A-Cover Style Step Running Boards

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  • Solid Aluminum: Fold A Cover Style Steps running boards are machined from a one piece aluminum extrusion that is lightweight, rust resistant, and just as durable as heavier metal step tubes.
  • Removable Inserts: The Style Steps running boards offer removable PVC side inserts. Inserts can be replaced with different color options or custom painted to offer a fully customized look that has never before been offered.
  • Machined Step Pads: Style Step running boards feature step pads that machined into the actual step tube. They offer incredible traction and are much more durable than traditional step pads. Unlike plastic step pads, the Style Step pads will never fade, warp, or crack.
  • Solid End Caps: Style Steps come complete with fully machined aluminum end caps. These aluminum end caps offer a much better look that plastic inserts and will never fall out, crack, or leak moisture inside the step tube.
  • Durable Construction: Style Step side tube steps offer durability and strength. Both the mounts and tube steps are constructed of top quality materials and feature a high quality finish that is impact and corrosion resistant.
  • No Drill Installation: Style Step's feature an easy, no drill intstallation. The vehicle specific mounts use existing holes in your vehicle to offer a fully bolt on installation.


Fold A Cover has completely re-invented the step tube with the release of their all new Style Step side nerf bars. The Style Step running boards are the next generation of side step bars with many new innovative features. These new side step tubes from Fold A Cover offer cleated step pads that are machined into the actual step tube as well as removable, colored inserts. The colored inserts are constructed of flexible and durable PVC material that is easily removed to allow users to gain a fully customized look with several color options. Additional colored inserts can be purchased seperately, or the existing PVC strips can be easily painted to virtually any color for a perfect match. The FAC Style Step side nerf bars offer a unique look that can't be matched by any competitor's products. These step bars are built to be incredibly strong and feature heavy duty mounting brackets that offer an impact and corrosion resistant coating and no-drill installation. Style Step running boards offer both black and silver tube colors with a variety of colored insert options including black, chrome, red, white, and yellow. Keep in mind that mounting brackets are sold seperately from from the step tubes. You will need to add both the mounts and bars to your shopping cart before checkout

Order Notes

The Mounting Kits must be ordered seperately from the Step Tubes. When shopping, first select the mounts then choose the finish/color of the bars you would like. You can then click the "Order Now" button to add both items to your Shopping Cart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an installer to install my Style Steps or can I do it myself?
A: Installation is quick and easy. All you need is to follow our basic instructions, use provided hardware, and basic tools that you would find in almost any garage.

Q: How do I know which Style Step will fit my vehicle?
A: Simply use the search by vehicle, and the proper step will be displayed.

Q: Is there any drilling necessary to install the Style Steps?
A: The Style Steps have been designed as a bolt-on accessory for your vehicle. There is no drilling required.

Q: Does the Hardware kit come with the Style Steps?
A: No, The Hardware kit and Style Steps are sold seperately. However, when navigating through our site, the Mounting kit will be displayed with the appropriate tube. Simply check both items before checking out.

Q: Can the Style Stripe be painted to match my vehicle?
A: The style stripe that comes with your step tubes can be painted to match the color of your truck. The stock colors are Black, White, Chrome, Flame Red, & Medium Red. Dodge & Nissan applications use the Flame Red. Chevrolet & Ford, use the Medium Red.

Q: Are the Style Steps available in different lengths?
A: The Style Steps are available in both "Cab Length" and "Wheel to Wheel" lengths. Check for your specific application to see which lengths are available.

Q: Why are the mounting brackets so expensive?
A: The Style Step Mounting brackets are almost twice as thick as traditional step tube brackets. In addition, these brackets have an impact resistant finish that prevents the finish from coming off and also keeps them from rusting. We also use three brackets per step tube and they are completely bolt on. (No Drilling Required).


This product offers an easy, at home no drill installation. The installation manual is clear cut and easy to read. For additional information, please call us toll free at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.