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Headache Racks

Headache racks protect the rear window of your truck from shifting cargo by fully framing it and covering the glass with a heavy duty steel or aluminum mesh. Whether you are looking for a steel or aluminum headache rack to protect the cab of your truck, RealTruck has the best rear window guards to choose from. We carry both premium and discount headache racks to upgrade the look of your truck with style. Read More
17 Products

17 Products

Protection & Superior Function

Not only do these racks guard your glass from shifting cargo, some models even block sunlight, giving your truck added shade during those hot summer days!

Made from aluminum or stainless steel, headache racks are corrosion resistant and all of RealTruck’s trusted brands offer 3-year and limited lifetime warranties. We carry Go Industries, Aries, Dee Zee Headache Racks, Hauler Rack, Husky Liner and more. All styles provide rugged construction ready to withstand the elements and the loads you carry.  Finishes available include clear coat, black powder and white powder.

Installation & Customization

Truck Cab Racks like these also allow for additional and easier customizing, such as mounting lights. If you don’t want to drill and install lights directly onto the roof of your cab, many racks allow for easy light mounting on the rack instead. The lightweight design of both the aluminum and steel options make the light drilling or no drill installation a snap. Some product lines even offer clamp on bed rail installation, which makes it easy to remove if needed.

RealTruck Headache Rack Selection

Search our extensive inventory for headache racks that are both stylish and multi-functional. Need to throw rock or firewood into your truck bed? We’ve got racks that protect your window! Want something that looks great with a louvered window for sun protection? Buy it here!