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Magnaflow Exhaust System 16728

  • Magnaflow Exhaust Systems
Magnaflow Exhaust Systems
Product Information
Our Price:$845.87
Part #:16728
Dual Split Rear Exit
Stainless Performance Series
Pipe & Tip Configuration:Pipe Size: 2.5"
3.5" Round Tips
Applications:2006-2007 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.5L V6
2006-2007 Chevy Monte Carlo 3.9L V6
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Ships Sep 19th - 23rd


  • Increased power and performance
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Dyno tested and proven
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Deep rumbling sound
  • Easy mounting
  • Made in the USA - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Listen to your truck or SUV's exhaust here.

MagnaFlow Exhaust System Series

  • Street Series – increased performance and better economy with balanced exterior/interior sound
  • Competition Series – maximum performance and an aggressive sound
  • Performance Series – includes mirror polished muffler and muffler delete pipe, double walled tips (diesel applications only)
  • XL Performance Series – includes satin finish muffler and muffler delete pipe, single walled tips (diesel applications only)
  • Pro Series – includes satin finished muffler delete pipe but no muffler or tips (diesel applications only)
  • Off Road Pro Series – features no tailpipe and turndown tip before rear axle
  • Custom Builder Series – no muffler or tips included, base system for doing your own custom exhaust
  • Black Series – stainless construction with satin black ceramic coating on tailpipe and tip

Exhaust System Types

  • Cat Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the catalytic converter to the rear bumper
  • Axle Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the rear axle to the rear bumper
  • Header Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the headers to the rear bumper
  • Turbo Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the turbo to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)
  • Downpipe Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the turbo downpipe to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)
  • DPF Back Exhaust - Replaces the system from the diesel particulate filter to the rear bumper (diesel applications only)


You always crave more power, torque, fuel efficiency and a great sound from your car, truck or SUV. You can improve all four with MagnaFlow exhaust systems. MagnaFlow is a name you recognize because of their superior performance and sound.

With a smooth deep tone the rhythm of your engine will not only let you feel the ride, but hear it! MagnaFlow is able to create this sound in the performance exhaust kits by selecting the correct pipe size and muffler for your specific vehicle. This combination in the exhaust systems leads to improved air flow improving horsepower and overall performance while reducing back pressure and heat.

All of the MagnaFlow exhaust systems are stainless steel construction for a long lasting, rust free life. Tips and mufflers are included and polished to a mirror finish. MagnaFlow engineers their mufflers as a flow through performance muffler with acoustical fiberfill for a quiet interior drone but a deep rumbling sound to those around you. Every exhaust kit is tested and dyno proven for optimal performance.

Add MagnaFlow exhaust systems to all your vehicles today to get outmatched performance and a great sound that let you hear the enjoyment in your drive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I get better gas mileage with MagnaFlow Performance Exhausts?
Answer:  A better performing engine runs more efficiently using less gas, as long as you drive similarly. However, this isn't a guarantee. MagnaFlow mufflers are designed to be performance mufflers.  MagnaFlow exhaust kits for diesel trucks see larger horsepower improvements due to dropping EGT's over 150 degrees.

Question: How much horsepower can I expect to gain?
Answer: Every vehicle is different, but average horsepower gain is about 10%.
Switching to MagnaFlow muffler/exhaust helps increase power by expelling exhaust gases faster making the engine work less and run more efficient.

Question: Are MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust systems legal?
Answer: MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhausts comply with most state and federal laws. (Note: local laws may vary. Contact local law enforcement for specifics.) MagnaFlow products are engineered and tested to be in line with legal sound limits. When the exhaust kit is used with other products (such as air intake systems or exhaust headers), the combined effect may cause some vehicles to go over the established sound limits.

Question: Why is MagnaFlow the best exhaust system?
Answer: MagnaFlow outperforms looks better, and sounds deeper than all other exhaust systems. The Research and Development Team at Magnaflow invests numerous hours to ensure the products stay competitive and outperform the competition.  MagnaFlow cat back exhausts feature straight-through flow designs for ultimate, unrestricted horsepower and torque, yet they maintain efficiency.

Question: What's the difference between Stainless Steel and Aluminized Steel?
Answer: The largest difference is pricing and outer shell of the exhaust systems. Stainless Steel is harder to make and costs more than Aluminized Steel. Stainless steel has a polished shell and features 100% stainless construction. Stainless steel looks better and is resistant to rust. Aluminized steel have stainless internals and necks but have an aluminized outer shell. Aluminized steel has a thin protective coating that, when scratched may cause rust.

Specifications has compiled the below reference guides to help you better understand and purchase the correct exhaust for your vehicle.


MagnaFlow Performace Exhaust Systems are engineered specifically for your rig.  For additional information please call our Customer Loyalty staff 877-216-5446 or 701-253-5906.

PDF IconMagnaflow 16728 Installation Instructions