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Dodge Ram 1500 nerf bars

Dodge Ram 1500 Nerf Bars

Full sized trucks need full sized upgrades.  We like to think we take the idea of size and apply it to our inventory for Dodge Ram 1500 nerf bars.  With over 45 different side steps to choose from for your Ram 1500, you can see why we get excited about variety.  RealTruck thinks about upgrades when we ship to you as well.  We send it free of charge.  Consider it our gift to you and our way of making sure your truck looks good and working better for you.  It’s sort of our goal in life! Read More
108 Products
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108 Products
1 2 3 4
Features and BenefitsDodge Ram 1500 Nerf Bars
The biggest question we get when people are shopping online or calling in about our Dodge Ram 1500 side step is regarding size.  We carry a few different sizes ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches in diameter.  The 3” and 4” bars are generally round tube steps and can even sometimes be ordered as ‘hoop styles.’  The 4”, 5” and 6” nerf bars come oval shaped and provide a wider stepping area than traditional nerf bars you’ve probably seen.  They’re a great way to upgrade and get a wide, non-slip grip area for getting in and out of the cab of your truck.  Both oval and round get the job done.

Don’t confuse ‘size’ with ‘length.’  Both oval and round side steps come in wheel to wheel length and cab length options.  Wheel to wheel is exactly as it sounds.  The Ram 1500 nerf bar runs from the back of the front wheel to the front of the back wheel.  Cab length runs only the length of your cab.  So whether you’re driving the regular cab, quad cab or even mega cab – RealTruck can ship your nerfs custom fit to the year and cab size of your truck.  You’ll be asked during the ordering process what your preference is.  

Enhanced Style
Nothing makes it easier than nerf bars to get in and out of your Ram 1500.  They’re designed specifically for stepping in and out of your truck.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t look like they were made to make your truck look showroom ready.  RealTruck offers black, chrome, stainless steel and even paint to match finish options when you’re ordering your Ram 1500 nerf bars.  So when you’re upgrading for function, you can also pay attention to how stylish you can make your truck look too.  There’s nothing wrong with adding a little shine with some stainless steel or even chrome.  Especially if you have some other parts that match!  

Customer Service with No Boundaries    
When was the last time you felt like you knew your Customer Service Representative?  Let us extend the invitation to get to know us.  Call at 877-216-5446 for more information on Dodge Ram 1500 nerf bars or any Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Accessories.  

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