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When the leaves turn from green to brown and the days get shorter and shorter, it’s time to start thinking about Chevy snow plows for your truck or sport utility vehicle.  Ugh, the dreadfulness of winter is on its way!  That means shovel, shovel, shovel…but not if you get yourself a plow for your vehicle!  RealTruck offers a large variety of snow plows for your Chevy.  These heavy duty accessories make moving snow fun in the comfort of your truck’s cab. Read More
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K2 Snow Plows
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Meyer Home Plow
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K2 Snow Plow Mounts
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38 Products
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Features and Benefits
We know a thing or two about plowing snow because we live with the stuff just about nine months out of the year.  In the wilds of North Dakota, not only are we Chevy fans, we’re heavy duty users of Chevy snow plows.  RealTruck gives you a nice selection of polyethylene, steel, and aluminum plows to choose from.  Each offer heavy duty snow pushing action and long term protection against rust and scratching.  

One of the most important considerations to factor when purchasing a Chevy snow plow for your sport utility vehicle, crossover, or pickup truck is the manufacturer of your new accessory.  We’ve done the homework for you and only stock the brands that have the warranties and longevity to last this winter, next winter, and many winters beyond your expectation.  Check out Meyer, SnowSport, Curtis, and FirstTrax snow plow gear and accessories in our online store.

No two vehicles are alike.  Sure, they may come off the line the same, but their drivers make changes, adjustments, add accessories, and simply use them differently.  Because of this we’ve made certain to offer Chevy snow plows with both front mounts and rear mount options.  These hitches allow you to move snow moving forward and backwards.  Talk about versatility.  

Installation can be simple or a little complex depending upon the system you order.  Manual plows allow you to use your front or rear hitch to put your plow on and take it off at your leisure.  Adjustments are manual as well, so pushing your snow to the right, left or center are set before you get in your truck.  

Hydraulic plows are controlled from inside the cab of your SUV or pickup.  This means that installation is a little bit more involved and may involve the help of a shop if you’re a novice.  The benefit is the comfort of controlling your snow direction from the comfort of your vehicle’s interior.  This option is also a little more permanent than the removable hitch systems. 

The Snow Team
Who are you going to order your next plow from, for either personal use or commercial jobs?  A company who hasn’t seen a snowflake in year or a company that lives in the wild tundra of the north?  Give our team of experts a call at 877-216-5446 and let us give you lowdown on Chevy snow plows and any other Chevy truck accessories you’re on the lookout for.  

Quickly find your Chevy Silverado 1500 snow plows, Chevy Silverado 2500 snow plows, and your Chevy Silverado 3500 snow plows on our website.  We also carry a nice variety of Chevy C/K 1500 pickup snow plows for older models.

For a good run down on how to plow snow for the first time and other tips and hints, check out our Snow Plow Research Guide.