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  • The RealTruck Staff

    We are a fun, passionate, dedicated, exciting and slightly wacky group of people.  Each member of the RealTruck team plays a vital and important role.   The RealTruck Core Values help lead and guide us on our mission to make peoples lives and vehicles better.   We let the principles of our core values guide us.  We hope to give our customers, partners and staff the absolute best possible experience.  Here’s a little about each of us.   But first, check out RealTruck’s Corporate Professionalism. Well, actually it’s more like a fun at work video.  Learn more about RealTruck or take another moment to see the RealTruck Happenings.

    Lucy Geigle
    Lucy Geigle

    Hockey vs Soccer? I vote Hockey

    • Chief People Officer
    • Married, 2 Step Children, 1 EVIL Dog
    • Big Band Music is my favorite!
    • Love Turner Classic Movie channel
    • Favorite color is RED
    • Love to Garden.


    Katie Feigitsch
    Katie Feigitsch

    When I’m not working or playing with Zeeby, I love hanging with the BF. Taking pictures of the world day by day and loading them to Facebook.

    • Brand Manager
    • Boyfriend named Joey, cat named Zeeby
    • Don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
    • 1st Daughter of CEO
    • Hopes to travel all over
    • Wants lots of animals!


    Tyler Halvorson
    Tyler Halvorson

    Works at and Walmart part-time. Enjoys sports, especially dirt track racing

    • Custodial Engineer | Race Fan
    • Loves Races
    • Also works at Walmart
    • Cancer survivor
    • Good Spirit


    Mary Bintz
    Mary Bintz

    Proud Grandma to 5 beautiful grand kids. Enjoys spending time with family and friend. Wanna go to Vegas???

    • Accounting Assistant
    • Minot State University
    • Former Correctional Officer & Bookmobile Driver
    • Loves going to Las Vegas & Mowing My Grass
    • 1 Son and 5 Grandchildren
    • I’m Katie, Katelyn, Meghan, Cameron & Sammies Grandma


    Shannon Bintz
    Shannon Bintz

    I am a wife and a mother of 5 beautiful children. I am hard working, conscientious, loving, dependable, perfectionistic and can also be a little obsessive at times. My kids say that I am a pretty “cool” mom. My friends say that I am a little crazy.

    • Consultant
    • Married with 5 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 56 Koi Fish
    • Loves to do construction & organizational projects
    • Hates most cooked vegetables
    • Loves to watch husband race
    • Loves the ocean and its many temperaments

    -Too Shy For Photo
    Call Me Daddy
    Scot Sloan

    Life is too precious not to enjoy it right now

    • Computer Guy
    • Proud Husband and Father
    • Chevy Silverado
    • Scot with 1 “t”
    • Former Navy Officer


    Justin Deltener
    Justin Deltener

    Home improvements, improvements, improvements. Almost done, maybe

    • Chief Technical Officer AKA CTO
    • Married | 2 Children
    • Chevy Silverado 1500 treated like a 3500
    • Lives in the middle of almost nowhere
    • Would like to get into Robotics
    • Motorcycle Rookie


    Jeff Vanlaningham
    Jeff Vanlaningham

    Not sure who I would play in Star Wars…

    • The President
    • Married | 3 Children
    • Part Time Landscaper
    • Classic Rock and Jazz, Ya I Said It
    • Minot State University (7 Year Degree)
    • Maybe it’s time to write a book


    Scott Bintz


    Scott Bintz

    Well, where should we begin…West Palm Beach to Jamestown and a lot in between
    People of the World…

    • CEO | Occasional janitor, chair spinner
    • Married with 5 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 cat
    • Eats cookies and milk or a blizzard before bed
    • Loves Dirt Track Racing
    • Hopes to travel to Vermont someday

    Scott Bintz Racing | More about Scott Bintz


    Shawn Herrick

    Shawn Herrick

    • Vice President of Business Development
    • Loves dancing in the rain
    • Proud father of 3 – 2 boys & 1 girl
    • AKA: Grinderman, Shawn-O, Sparky, Pimp
    • Favorite Movies: The Crow, The Matrix, Constantine


    Jenn Powers

    Jenn Powers

    • Order Fulfillment Specialist
    • Married to Jon
    • Likes to play softball
    • Loves the color purple
    • Loves to laugh


    Jenn Sloan

    Jenn Sloan

    • OFS Lead / Training Department
    • I am always right, just ask me!
    • Proud wife and mother of 3
    • Has a cat named Lily and a dog named Sam
    • Doesn’t like bugs
    • She knows almost every person she meets


    Nichole Lackey

    Nichole Lackey

    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I have 3 boys and a wonderful better half
    • I live on a farm and love animals
    • Social butterfly
    • I love fishing and hunting!!!


    Bonnie Schielke

    Bonnie Schielke

    • Accounting Assistant
    • Married to a wonderful husband Tom
    • One kid – dog named Gypsy
    • Remember the Golden Rule!


    Josh Deltener

    Josh Deltener

    • Web Developer V
    • Justin’s twin brother (the better looking one).
    • Married with 3 kids (1 boy, 2 girls – the boy and a girl being twins)
    • I met my wife while she was on vacation in Fargo. 3 months after meeting her, I moved to Vail, CO. so we could get to know each other. 3 years later, we married and moved back to Fargo.
    • It was me, not Al Gore who created the internet.. So, you’re welcome.
    • I enjoy storm chasing, Chinese food, programming, designing websites, widgets, turn-key solutions, and enterprise cloud infrastructure assembly integrations.
    • I secretly want to be a Ninja


    Debi Reberg
    Debi Reberg
    My Name is Debi, but I will answer to Debbie
    • Director of Happiness
    • Three kids, one LOUD parrot
    • Interested in everything paranormal – amateur ghost hunter
    • Master practical joker and photobomber
    • My nickname: Mamabear

    Josh Krahler
    Josh Krahler

    Let’s Go to Vegas, well okay how about Dakota Magic instead

    • Brand Manager
    • Pro Gambler
    • Ford F-150 – Need I Say More
    • Black Jack Baby not Bingo


    Tami Hayes

    Tami Hayes

    • Brand Manager
    • Mother to 2 kids, 1 girl and 1 boy
    • Loves shopping, but wonders where all her money goes
    • Wants to travel the world
    • Majoring in Psychology because she likes to pick people’s brains apart
    • Loves all kinds of music


    Tammy Nelson
    Tammy Nelson

    I love spending time with family and friends. I try to enjoy every moment because life is too short to watch it pass by.

    • Returns Dept Manager
    • I have a 3yr old step son and a wonderful better half
    • I rode out my trailer house half a city block in a tornado
    • I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew
    • I may be short, but I am too tall to be one of the 7 dwarves
    • I do not like flying monkeys


    Jordan Buermann
    Jordan Buermann
    • Front End Developer
    • Girlfriend named Brandi
    • Favorite Musical Artist: Tom Waits
    • Mt Dew addict


    Cathy Scott
    Cathy Scott

    Live….Love….Laugh….That about sums me up!

    • Assistant Bean Counter
    • Married to John, YAY!
    • 4 AMAZING boys
    • 1 little poodle named Allie (she’s a real cutie)
    • Degree in Criminal Justice with minors in History and English


    Eric Paulson
    Eric Paulson
    • Web Developer
    • Grew up in the Twin Cities
    • Enjoy watching the Twins and Vikings
    • Father of 3 beautiful kids aged 7, 8 and 9
    • Loves rock music
    • Loves horror novels


    Lindsey Volker
    Lindsey Volker

    Graphic Design Extraordinaire

    • Graphic Designer
    • I play guitar and my favorite kinds of music are Indie and Alternative
    • Favorite TV shows: Dexter, The Walking Dead, The Office, Castle, and The X-Files
    • Has seen every episode of The Monkees and got to meet Peter Tork
    • I like to read books, watch movies, work out and spend time with family and friends
    • I am a cat person


    Rod Wanamaker
    Rod Wanamaker
    • Weekend Warrior Lead
    • Married for 19 years
    • 2 kids (1 girl & 1 boy)
    • Fat dog named “HOSS”
    • Enjoy remodeling projects
    • Was told my hair is thinning



    Chad Bolte
    Chad Bolte
    • Business Development Director
    • My number at RealTruck is 80
    • I seek out and am always on the lookout for the perfect nachos
    • I’m fun to hang out with – ask anyone!
    • I love North Dakota’s cold weather



    Jill Verke
    Jill Verke
    • Accounting Assistant
    • I’m a proud mommy to my son, Kale
    • I love to watch football all day on Sunday
    • I’m addicted to the show “Chopped”
    • The only vegetable I like is carrots, but not cooked carrots



    Katelyn Boyd
    Katelyn Boyd
    • Accounts Payable
    • Been with my high school sweetheart since 2008
    • Going to school for Business
    • 2nd daughter of CEO
    • Been with RealTruck on and off for the past five years
    • Don’t like chocolate or feet



    Denise Stockert
    Denise Stockert
    • Returns Specialist
    • Husband (love of my life) of 8 years Brett
    • One stepdaughter Alexis (13), one son Ashton (8), and one daughter Cadence (7)
    • I love hockey!
    • Favorite TV show right now is One Tree Hill. I am kind of obsessed!
    • Lillies are my favorite flowers. I have them all over the yard.




    Meghan Bintz
    Meghan Bintz
    • Receptionist
    • Loves cheerleading and dancing
    • Obsessed with zebras
    • 3rd daughter of the CEO
    • Goes to Jamestown High School
    • I enjoy eating, sleeping, and summer time!



    Josh Grindheim
    Josh Grindheim
    • Gnar Expert / Digital Marketing & PPC Specialist
    • I grew up racing motorcycles in the deserts of SoCal
    • I am a member of the Student Media Club at Jamestown College and work in the T.V. department
    • I love to go off-roading
    • I am an experienced video editor
    • I know how to screen print and like to make my own apparel



    Mel O' Dee Horejsi
    Mel O’ Dee Horejsi
    • Receptionist
    • Married to Dave with 3 grown children (2 girls, 1 boy) and 4 wonderful grandchildren
    • Pizza and chocolate!
    • Favorite color is purple
    • I love to watch HGTV
    • Need to brush up on my rubber band shooting skills



    Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera
    • Bilingual Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • Loves to listen to Spanish and country music
    • My favorite colors are black and white
    • Love to cook!
    • I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters



    Kelsey Barstad
    Kelsey Barstad
    • Training Coordinator
    • You’ll constantly find me with my nose in a book, and a quilt on my lap
    • I’m obsessed with my gorgeous niece, LT
    • Bad grammar makes me cringe
    • I’m a lover of coffee and chocolate … I blame my mom for these habits



    Heather Mittleider
    Heather Mittleider
    • Order Fulfillment Specialist
    • Listens to country and rock
    • Dog lover: Black Lab named Crush and Yellow Lab named Remington
    • Enjoys spending free time by the water (tubing, fishing, relaxing)
    • Like to paint, especially landscapes



    Jason Lavold
    Jason Lavold
    • Videographer/ Editor
    • Married, son (Max), golden retriever, husky, and 2 cats
    • Huge Halo fan
    • Loves to spend time in northern Minnesota
    • Favorite holiday is Halloween



    Resa Miller
    Resa Miller
    • Order Fulfillment Specialist
    • Love cats
    • I am the oldest of two kids but I am also the shortest
    • Cannot throw a football to save my soul
    • I believe that a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away
    • Loves sunshine and summertime



    Dawn Erdahl
    Dawn Erdahl
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • Love to play in the dirt – playing on ATV, dirt track racing, or playing in my flowerbeds
    • Married to Shawn Erdahl and have 2 children: son Ryan and daughter Paytan
    • Have 3 pets: 2 cats named Izzy BooBoo and Braxy Fat Cat, and dog named Jaxson or Vicious Dog
    • I have 2 tattoos, trying to decide on the 3rd
    • And I am NOT short, I am vertically challenged (aka fun sized!) ;)



    Jessica Bontjes
    Jessica Bontjes
    • Controller
    • Boyfriend named Ben, he’s the best!
    • Believer that laughter is an instant vacation
    • Like projects that involve any type of crafting
    • Always brake for turtles crossing the road



    Andre Palmier
    Andre’ Palmier
    • Marketing Specialist
    • I’m a gun nut
    • I give my dogs people names (Steve & Bryan)
    • I’m on a big warrior style yoga kick right now
    • Bacon is proof that God exists and wants me to be happy
    • 42



    Jacci Baker
    Jacci Baker
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I am married to Lowell and we have one son, Jake
    • Love to scrapbook
    • Have a schoolhouse we have remodeled into a home
    • Have three cats and one dog



    John Scott
    John Scott
    • Product Installation Specialist
    • Married to Cathy for 20 years
    • Have 4 pretty awesome boys
    • Love old trucks
    • What if the Hokey-Pokey really is all that it’s about?



    Marina Wiley
    Marina Willey
    • Accounting Team Lead
    • My favorite color is purple
    • I am scared of spiders … yuck!
    • I have been tandem skydiving
    • I am a fan of Duck Dynasty, The Walking Dead, Big Brother, and Survivor



    Matt Sather
    Matt Sather
    • Brand Manager
    • From South Dakota; North Dakota State University graduate
    • My phone is within reach 24 hours a day
    • Not always honest when playing Risk
    • Would rather not wear socks
    • Doesn’t recommend eating hamburger in southeast Asia



    Jessica Walters
    Jessica Walters
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Cat named Odin, dog named Harley
    • Business Marketing Major at the University of Jamestown
    • Enjoys dirtbiking, going off-roading, and watching Supercross
    • It’s called soda, not pop



    Shelly DeJong
    Shelly DeJong
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • My favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty
    • My dislikes are roast beef and the color yellow
    • One daughter and two teenage grandchildren
    • I love, love, love NAPS!


    Thomas Just
    Thomas Just
    • Executive Assistant
    • I have been with my wife, Kristi, for six years
    • I love Chevys from the 40′s and 50′s
    • I own and am rat rodding a 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe
    • I cannot live without my Netflix (on Xbox, of course)
    • My favorite colors are blue, black, and silver


    Kiella Robillard
    Kiella Robillard
    • Brand Manager Assistant
    • I have a very large family
    • Have family in Hawaii and I truly love it there
    • I like to make 3D animations
    • Really enjoy listening to music
    • Definitely a dog person rather than a cat person
    • I like to read books (whenever I have a free moment)


    Austin Gensburger
    Austin Gensburger
    • Customer Loyalty Connoisseur
    • Huge Minnesota Vikings Fan, SKOL
    • My dog Rondo has a very large personality
    • I’m 50 percent Irish and the rest is Scottish and German, so my goatee is red, brown, blonde, with some white hairs as well
    • I have a blue-eyed blonde wife and a blue-eyed daughter. Love them to death
    • RealTruck is the by far the best place you could ever work for!


    Antinea Ascione
    Antinea Ascione
    • Queen of The Buzz
    • I love bacon. And micro-pigs. And contradictions
    • Spend my free time reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy like it’s my (second) job
    • My love for cheese has no bounds. Except my lactose intolerance
    • Lacks craft skills. It all began with my inability to color within the lines as a wee lass


    Tyler Tadych
    Tyler Tadych
    • HR Assistant
    • I pretend to be good at golf
    • I’m an avid snowmobiler
    • I love Motorsports


    Patrick Gossett
    Patrick Gossett
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • Godzilla fanatic
    • Retro-game connoisseur
    • Internet addict
    • Never leaves the house!


    AJ Cortez
    Alex “Hawaiian Warrior” Cortez
    • Customer Service Legend
    • I pop caps daily
    • Shown Shelly how to throw up “West Side”
    • Where I come from, it is called Carl’s Jr
    • Once killed a spider with my bare hands
    • Thinks you should never trust a wizard by his beard


    Benjamin Grindheim
    Benjamin Grindheim
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • My world revolves around my kids
    • I love to ride dirt-bikes
    • I have a passion for working on off-road trucks
    • Love to hunt and ice fish
    • Favorite saying is, “Family comes above all”


    Stephen Soulsby
    Stephen Soulsby

    “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” – Ralph Wiggum

    • Data Manager, ASE Certified, part-time family/neighborhood mechanic
    • My ride is a 2009 F-150 short bed, regular cab – 2″. Lowered with a few mods
    • Air Force Brat from Sheppard AFB, TX; Grew up mostly in Maryland near DC
    • Despise all forms of seafood! Who was the first person to see an ugly crab eating a rancid fish and say “I’m so going to eat them!”?
    • Avid proponent of the metric system, including the 24-hour clock and day/month/year format
    • Firmly believe changing a tire and checking the oil should be part of the driver’s license test
    • Would’ve been a mechanic by trade, but I have a difficult time processing statements such as “You can’t replace just one brake pad?”


    Edward Jackson
    Ed Jackson
    • Returns Specialist
    • Married with no kids
    • I have a dog named Oreo and a cat called Snickers
    • I enjoy spending time with my family
    • Working for is just a temporary gig for me. Soon I will start my plan to become the Supreme Dictator of the World


    Brendan Marshall
    Brendan Marshall
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I love reading and learning trivia
    • Willing to try (almost) anything
    • Imagines being a Ninja


    Shannon Schlenker
    Shannon Schlenker
    • Handy Man
    • I am a B-Mod Racer … for now.
    • Married to the beautiful Jackie, with one daughter, Payton the Princess.
    • A lover of McDonalds.
    • Native North Dakotan from Medina.
    • Does NOT like cats!


    Shane Pettys
    Shane Pettys
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • 3rd-degree belt in Taekwondo
    • Married, with 2 kids
    • Have 3 dogs
    • Loves cheese. If it has cheese on it, I will eat it
    • Addicted to Amazon and Netflix


    Eric Miner
    Eric Miner
    • System Analyst
    • Has two dogs: a westie and a scottie/schnauzer/something mix
    • Avid PC gamer (no I haven’t played Counterstrike, DOTA, or LoL)
    • Arcade geek! Owns three arcade cabinets and I am building another
    • Someday I want to open a Barcade
    • Pretzel connoisseur (I love em!)


    Alaina D'Angelo
    Alaina D’Angelo
    • Returns Specialist
    • I like football, fishing, hunting – everything but shovelling snow
    • Coffee is a way of life. I’m not social until my 2nd cup
    • Currently a National Guard Soldier in my first 6-year enlistment, but most likely will end up a lifer!
    • I like to picture moments in my life with background music!
    • Lucky to have found the mac to my cheese – Johnny Jerome.
    • I LOVE finding the beauty in everything, besides feet … I really hate feet!


    Johnny Jerome
    Johnny Jerome
    • Customer Loyalty Connoisseur
    • The illegitimate love child of Denzel Washington
    • Die Hard Quentin Tarantino fan … no, seriously
    • I have an awesome fiancée, 2 black labs, and a cat named Mitus
    • If everyone has jobs in Heaven I hope St. Peter says, “Welcome back to RealTruck”
    • I am a HUGE movie fan


    Kevin Struxness
    Kevin Struxness
    • Culture Commander
    • I have 3 dogs, Layla the Chihuahua, Bella the Italian Greyhound, and Darla the Boxer-PitBull
    • I love doing lawn work
    • I followed the Grateful Dead around for a couple of years
    • One man’s garbage, is another man’s good un-garbage …
    • I will drink all forms of coffee from the second I wake up, to the second I fall asleep


    Angie Fraser
    Angie Fraser
    • Project Manager
    • My favorite color is pink
    • Liverpool FC fan
    • Lived in Florida for 7 years and spent ALOT of time at the beach
    • I love trance and vocal trance music…..ASOT (A State of Trance) produced by Armin van Buuren is my fav!
    • Disney World is the happiest place on earth!


    Photo of Matthew Brugger
    Matthew Brugger
    • Helpdesk Technician
    • Married with 2 kids
    • Working on my pilot’s license
    • 2 cats 1 dog
    • Sci-Fi junkie
    • Volunteer fire-fighter and EMT-I


    Photo of Vickie McCollum
    Vickie McCollum
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I have a Pitbull/Boxer cross who is a big baby and my daughter has two cats that came to live in the house too.
    • Like to read.
    • Listen to all types of music and like going to concerts.
    • Owns a home in Detroit Lakes, MN where her youngest and oldest children live (Mom moved out and left the kids since they came back home to live after moving away!)
    • Love my yearly vacations in Florida visiting my nephew and his family.


    Photo of Danielle Claeys
    Danielle Claeys
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I have two cats that I call my children, Blaze and Kiara.
    • Grew up on a farm and our goal is to move back out to the country one of these days.
    • Would like to live in Wyoming or Colorado.
    • Most common thing you will find me doing is reading.
    • Moved to Jamestown with barely 4 weeks notice after 9 years in Fargo.


    Photo of Tim Baldwin
    Tim Baldwin
    • Director of Operations
    • No kids, no pets, no wife.
    • Slight addiction to Diet Mountain Dew.
    • Dirt track speedway official on the weekends.
    • Favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty.
    • Want to go moose hunting in Alaska someday.


    Photo of Tyler Voegele
    Tyler Voegele
    • Systems Administrator I & IT Help Desk
    • I grew up on a cattle ranch. Yeehaw!
    • I enjoy cooking, and I am known for melt-in-your-mouth steaks.
    • I like to play and record music, and I’m currently in two bands.(No Stairway. Denied!)


    Photo of David Kanenwisher
    David Kanenwisher
    • Web Developer IV
    • I have lucid dreams (unless they are nightmares).
    • I used to wear exclusively Hawaiian shirts.
    • I’ve been to the 2 non-contiguous states.
    • I believe Disney World is truly a magical place.
    • I can count to 1023 on my fingers.


    Photo of Don Pich
    Don Pich
    • Systems Administrator II Jedi Master
    • I have wonderful loving family including my wife and three children.
    • I have a Pomeranian Terrier that is WAY too spoiled.
    • I was a volunteer fire fighter and EMT/CPR Instructor for 15 years.
    • I am supposedly 100% Czech, although my parents lost the pedigree papers.
    • The healing power of laughter is awesome. I try to bring comedy into tense situations. I blame Mad Cow.
    • I have a strange fascination with Minions from Despicable Me.


    Photo of Debra Wetham
    Debra Wetham
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • Married with 2 daughters and 3 cats.
    • Very sarcastic sense of humor – Sometimes to the point that people don’t realize I am joking.
    • Love to read.
    • Love supernatural shows on TV – The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are my favorites right now.
    • I am the “bonus” child in my family – I have 4 older sisters that are 13, 17, 18 and 19 years older than me.


    Photo of Andrea Schumacher
    Andrea Schumacher
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I am from Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • I love Chevy’s.
    • Zebra print is my life.
    • Beanies are also one of my favorite things.
    • Dancing and Singing are a sweet, sweet passion of mine. I’d love to do it professionally someday.


    Photo of Liberty Michel
    Liberty Michel
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • I say we fish 5 days, and work 2! If I could spend all day fishing, it would be the happiest of days!
    • I am a huge Grateful Dead head.
    • I love cooking! I make a mean Jalapeño-Brown Sugar Meatloaf.
    • I have two beautiful furry kitties – Jack D Honey (AKA Jackie Chan) and Abby Dabby Doo.
    • I love hiking and anything out doors, I like to call it my “Natural Habitat”.


    Photo of Amanda Schmitt
    Amanda Schmitt
    • Returns Specialist
    • I am a HUGE New England Patriots fan!!!
    • Kind of am obsessed with WWE wrestling.
    • I have a son named Jackson (11 months old).
    • Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows :)
    • My favorite colors are KELLY & HUNTER GREEN!


    Photo of Anna Harich
    Anna Harich
    • Customer Loyalty Specialist
    • Wants to study Kinesiology (study of the body) for sports medicine.
    • Loves racing and drifting wants to bulid a racecar.
    • Enjoys photography.
    • Wants to travel the world and experience different cultures.
    • Hockey fan.. Go Ducks!


    Photo of Shane Scott
    Shane Scott
    • Handyman
    • I skateboard.
    • I race auto cross.
    • I’m kind of a gaming nerd.
    • I’m a mechanic.
    • I’m a Netflix junkie.