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Steelcraft Automotive has been at the forefront of innovation in the aftermarket truck accessory industry since their formation in late 90's. The company's goal is to always bring new products to the market before their competition has even gotten out of bed, ensuring that when you buy a brand new pickup, they'll be the first manufacturer you to go to for customization. Whether you need a set of high quality nerf bars from Steelcraft, or bull bars, rear bumper guards, bed rails, seat covers, or maybe just a tail light guard, they have more than just what you're looking for. Read More
20 Products

20 Products

Launched in Corona, California in 1998, Steelcraft Automotive has always worked tirelessly (but not, you know, without tires) to be the first company to get accessories for new model vehicles into customer's hands (and onto their trucks and SUV's). By having all their corporate, R&D, and manufacturing offices centrally located in one area, they are able to produce new parts and ideas extremely quickly and efficiently. This allows them to get new accessories out there to fit recent truck models approximately three to four months before their competition. Some might call this an unfair advantage. We call it smart business and a huge boon for new pickup and SUV owners.

"First" doesn't always mean "better." Except when it does, like in Steelcraft Automotive's case. These accessories are built to fit great, last long, and inspire jealousy in all your friends who bought inferior accessories. Their side tube step bars will make getting in and out of your vehicle such a joy, you might just kill an entire afternoon hopping in and out of your pickup (we understand and won't judge how you use your time). Similar things can be said for everything else they produce as well. Whether you need stainless steel bull bars, custom seat covers, or a set of corrosion resistant bed rails, the peace of mind you get with owning these products is almost so great, you can't put a price on them (except we did, because we have to). But seriously, they're awesome, and they won't let you down.

Of course, customizing your truck isn't just about increasing its rugged durability, it's also about improving its rugged good looks. Steelcraft Automotive gets that, and that's why all their parts look like they fell out of the sky from some sort of truck accessory heaven. When you see some of these black powder coated rear bumper guards or polished stainless steel nerf bars on your ride, you'll feel as incredible as your truck looks. No matter what you put your pickup through-off road racing through grueling canyon passes, brutal mud bogging runs, cross country road trips with loud, messy kids-you can know that one thing is for sure: your truck will never have looked better. Not even when one of those kids gets their ice cream on the passenger side door.

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Not only are this company's products routinely first to the market, but the customer service we back them up with is consistently first in quality. Not everything in life is a competition, but for us, delivering the best possible customer support we can is (even though we're so far ahead of the game, we're really only in competition with ourselves). If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to call one of our Customer Loyalty Representatives toll-free at 1-877-216-5446. We will stop at nothing to make sure you feel as great as your truck looks with every purchase you make. We'll even throw in free shipping with every order.
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