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Superchips Racing Diesel Tuner

    Superchips Performance Chips
    Diesel Performance Chip
    Product Information
    We're sorry, this product is no
    longer available for ordering.

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    • Plug and Play Programming
    • Offers maximum horse power and engine torque
    • 5 standard tunes

    Select applications may include (depends on vehicle: see details tab)
    -EGR Management
    -DPF Management (diesel particulate filter)
    -Tire & Wheel calibration
    -Speed & Rev limiter adjustment
    -Read & Clear diagnostic codes
    -Real time performance monitoring
    -1/4 mile timing


    Upgrade your Chevy, Ford or Dodge pickup truck with a Superchips diesel racing tuner. Superchips racing programmers are specifically designed for pickups with aftermarket or modified free flowing exhaust systems.

    This chip delivers more power than other popular racing chips. Select models allow for DPF and EGR management to allow for programming your truck should it have an aftermarket down pipe delete kit.

    Plus get big time horse power and engine torque gains. 200+ HP gains on newer Ford Power Stroke, 120+ HP Gains on newer Chevy/GMC Duramax and 130+ HP gains on newer Dodge Cummins.

    More Information

    PDF IconSuperchips Tuning Options Reference GuideView Tuning Options & Performance Guides for Superchip Programmers

    Order Notes

    Race use only. Not for street use.

    Letter From PowerTeq (Superchips) regarding discontinuation of racing tuners

    Dear Customer:
    Edge Products and Superchips have been, and continue to be, proud supporters of competitive diesel motorsports across the United States and Canada. We proudly support and sponsor organizations such as NHRDA and NADM that promote legal racing and diesel competition in cities and towns all across North America. Despite our continued support of diesel motorsports, we have made the strategic decision to discontinue our Edge Racing and Superchips Racing products effective immediately. We will not accept new orders for Edge and Superchips Racing products as of July 12, 2011.

    Edge Products and Superchips will no longer offer for sale Edge Racing and Superchips Racing-branded diesel, tuning products in the United States. Unfortunately, we believe a portion of dealers and consumers are exploiting the intended use of these products which has a negative impact on the future of this industry.

    Prior to launching the Edge Racing and Superchips Racing brands, we undertook numerous preventive measures to ensure all dealers and consumers clearly understood the intended use of these products. In spite of our best efforts, we have concluded that these policies are not adequate to assure abuse is prevented. We have performed an exhaustive review of these measures, including numerous conversations with regulatory agencies such as EPA and CARB, in order to try to devise an effective way whereby we can assure ‘Racing’ products are used as intended. Based on our review, at this time, we do not believe there are adequate prevention measures available to the industry which provide those assurances.

    We strongly encourage, for the long-term health of our industry, that all distributors, dealers and consumers of these or similar products made by other companies cease selling any electronic tuning product that contains the ability to disable any emissions system for late-model diesel trucks including (but not limited to) the DPF system, EGR system and Urea (exhaust fluid) injection. Per federal and state regulations, any registered vehicle is required to maintain its emissions systems unless it is used strictly and solely for racing. Unfortunately, even with the exhaustive, preventive measures we have taken, we do not feel it is possible to completely prevent abuse.

    We have strong reason to believe all companies that continue to engage in the business of manufacturing, distributing, or selling these kinds of products in the United States will be subject to enforcement action from both the United States EPA and the California Air Resources Board. In the future, if we are able to devise a way to prevent abuse, we hope to re-establish the Edge Racing and Superchips Racing brands.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Martinez
    President, Powerteq (Edge/Superchips)

    View Available Part Numbers For This Product Line


    Part # 1865 Ford Power Stroke

    Model Year
    EnginePower LevelsHP GainsTQ GainsDPF Mgmt.EGR Mgmt.
    2008 - 20106.4L4 includedUp to 236 HPUp to 477 lbs-ftYesYes
      1 availableUp to 273 HP*Up to 548 lbs-ft*  
    2003 - 20076.0L4 includedUp to 114 HPUp to 163 lbs-ftNo DPF SystemYes(coming soon)
    1999 - 20037.3L4 includedUp to 112 HPUp to 205 lbs-ftNo DPF SystemNo EGR System
    Note: 7.3L Power Stroke tuning and features are the same classic Gold Chip and Flashpaq tunes and features.
    *Denotes power gains from an optional tune available for purchase only from Superchips through Superchips internet update software.

    Part # 2856 GMC & Chevy Duramax

    Model Year
    EnginePower LevelsHP GainsTQ GainsDPF Mgmt.EGR Mgmt.Speed Limiter
    2007.5 - 20096.6L4 includedUp to 127 HPUp to 151 lbs-ftYesYesYes
      1 availableUp to 151 HP*Up to 266 lbs-ft*   
    *Denotes power gains from an optional tune available for purchase only from Superchips through Superchips internet update software.

    Part # 3856 Dodge Cummins

    Model Year
    EnginePower LevelsHP GainsTQ GainsDPF Mgmt.EGR Mgmt.Speed/Rev Limiter
    2007 - 20096.7L4 includedUp to 136 HPUp to 299 lbs-ftYesYesYes
      1 availableUp to 181 HP*Up to 422 lbs-ft*   
    2003 - 20075.9L 3 includedUp to 60 HP Up to 181 lbs-ft No DPF System No EGR System No
      1 availableUp to 131 HP*Up to 298 lbs-ft*   

    *Denotes power gains from an optional tune available for purchase only from Superchips through Superchips internet update software.


    The Superchips Racing Diesel Tuner is a plug n play installation. For additional information, please call us at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.

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