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SuperSprings Super Keys

    Super Springs Towing
    Supersprings Super Keys
    Product Information
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    • Available For Most Trucks: These SuperSpring Super Keys are available for most General Motors, Ford, Dodge and Chevy pickup trucks that are equipped with torsion bars.
    • Lift Increase With Impact: Provide 2 inches of lift without increasing torsion bar preload or impacting your factory ride.
    • Snow Plow Approved: Super Keys great for vehicles outfitted with snow plows.
    • Lifts Trucks With Add Ons: Also works with trucks equipped with replacement heavy duty bumpers and front winch applications.
    • Overworked Truck Upgrade: Ideal for trucks with over-worked, tired and sagging front ends.
    • High Quality Steel: These Super Keys are designed out of high grade steel and offer a 25% stronger rating than cast torsion keys.


    If you tired of your trucks front end nosing into the dirt and would like some extra elevation, you have come to the right place. The SuperSpring SuperKeys work great for trucks equipped with heavy duty bumpers, winch applications, snow plows or anything else that drags your front end down. They are going to add 2" of lift without increasing your torsion bar preload. SuperKeys are made out of the highest quality USA steel and is offering optimal strength. You will not have to replace your factory shock absorbers because certain kits feature shock extender brackets. So if you are looking to raise your trucks front end this torsion bar lift will do the trick. Made by SuperSprings.

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    The SuperSprings Super Keys is an easy installation. For additional information see the install manual below or call us at 1-866-309-1907 or 701-253-5906.

    General installation instructions (for more detailed instructions with illustrations, please download the instruction manual):

    Tools Required

    • 1 Floor Jack
    • 2 Jack Stands 
    • 1 Puller Tool 
    • Hand Tools
    • 18mm socket and wrench

    Products Needed

    • Torsion Keys
    • Lower shock extenders
    • Instruction
    1. Park your truck on a flat surface.
    2. Put the transmission in Park or 1st gear (manual transmissions) and chock the rear tires.
    3. Raise the front of the vehicle using a jack. Raise it enough to completely unload the front suspension.
    4. Verify the front tires are off the ground and that the suspension is unloaded, or at full extension travel.
    5. Locate the torsion bar crossmember.
    6. Position the appropriate torsion bar puller tool on the cross member.
    7. Using extreme caution, tighten the puller tool enough to take the load off the adjuster bolt.
    8. Note the orientation of the torsion bar key in relation to the end of the torsion bar. Slide the torsion bar forward, out of the torsion bar crossmember and set the factory torsion bar key aside.
    9. Place the new torsion key in the torsion bar crossmember, matching the same orientation as the original key. Slide the torsion bar back through the crossmember and into the torsion key.
    10. Using the same precautions and procedures that were used during removal, load the torsion bar enough to install the nut block using the appropriate puller tool. Place the nut block back in the crossmember and start the adjuster bolt. Tighten the adjuster bolt to the same exposed length noted during disassembly. Unload and then remove the pulled tool.
    11. Repeat this installation procedure on the second torsion bar.
    12. Lower the vehicle to the floor, and then manually bounce the front of the vehicle several times enough to settle the suspension.
    13. Measure the ride height on each side. To raise the height, tighten the torsion bar adjuster bolt; to lower ride height, lessen the adjuster bolt.