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Tonneau Covers Improve Gas Mileage

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tonneau improve gas mileage
Do Tonneau Covers (Truck Bed Covers) Really Offer Fuel Savings?

Quick answer, yes they do. Ultimately a hard or soft truck bed cover increases the aerodynamics of your pickup thus increasing your fuel efficiency.

How Much Will a truck tonneau cover Increase Gas Mileage?

Tonneau covers do increase gas mileage, but by exactly how much depends on the truck and the brand of tonneau. There are a variety of factors at play. Most tonneau bed cover manufacturers actively promote that a pickup cover improves gas mileage. As to the amount - it varies and most don't claim exactly how much, except that the cover will pay for itself in fuel savings over time.

Some truck bed cover manufacturers offer Fuel Savings Calculators such as Access Cover or TruXedo. Pace-Edwards boasts an 11% increase in fuel economy. ACI Access Covers promotes you will save $225.00 per year in gas money.

Changing Trucks & the Bottomless Tank of Gas

Trucks are getting taller, heavier and engines are increasing in size so no matter how high the gas prices get. A hardcore truck enthusiast would much rather drive a pickup than downsize to a subcompact. You can probably hear all those huge oil companies laughing with their barrels of cash every time you fill your bottomless tank at the gas station. Other than boycotting all gas stations your alternative is purchasing a tonneau cover.

Aerodynamics At WorkSo if you can't even the score with the huge oil companies, you can prolong your next fill by improving the gas mileage in your truck. Believe it or not, tonneau covers save gas! How much savings? A 5% improvement in fuel economy is the industry-wide accepted number, although up to 10% is possible.

tonneaus save on mpg
By reducing drag, tonneau covers make your truck bed more fuel efficient.

As air flows over the front end of your vehicle, it careens into your truck bed and produces opposite force to your truck. This could easily provide you with several miles of additional gas every single trip! In the past your option was to replace the standard metal truck bed door with a plastic like or rubber net to reduce the wind resistance. Closed air truck beds lower air resistance (this is why they are in high demand in race cars). Less drag means you will be driving a more fuel efficient vehicle. Open truck beds can be a huge drag on your gas mileage. As air flows over the aerodynamic front end of your vehicle, it can swirl into your bed and catch on your tailgate -- stealing several miles off your latest tank.

Viewing the facts both logically and aesthetically, a tonneau cover is an investment that will continually give you a great return on investment every time you go to the pump.

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