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Tonneau Covers

Ford F550 Tonneau Covers

Adding a tonneau cover to your truck might be the smartest decision you will ever make. That's a bold statement that we can back up with some cold hard facts. Did you know that adding a truck bed cover will immediately increase your gas mileage? Or that a tonneau cover has the inherent ability to pay for itself over time with savings at the pump? Not many direct fit truck accessories can make a claim like that. Read More

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Here is another fact. A tonneau cover can keep the items stored in your truck bed secure and protected from the elements. Have you ever left tools in your truck bed when it was raining and instinctively worried about how the rain would affect your precious items? Or have you ever needed to transport goods in your bed and worried about them flying out of the back while tearing it down the interstate? You can kiss those worries goodbye after you install a truck bed cover.
If you are worried that you won’t have as much cargo space, don’t be. With the exception of a hard cover, tonneau covers are designed to give you all of the benefits mentioned above, while having the ability to fold out of the way. That gives you all of the space you need to haul large cargo.

RealTruck is the number one place to buy tonneau covers. Find over 90 truck bed covers from all the top brands, and in a number of styles - hard, soft, trifold, roll-up, retractable, hinged, and folding tonneau covers. Tonneau covers are the perfect accessory to add value and style to your pickup truck. 

Not only do truck bed covers keep your cargo safe and protect your truck bed, they also make your truck more aerodynamic. Why does that matter? Ultimately, tonneau covers cut down on your pickup's fuel consumption, saving you money on gas. Whether you're looking at a soft tonneau cover with roll-up features, or a hard truck lid that converts your truck bed into a big trunk, today's truck bed covers are custom fit, clean, stylish, and can even be painted a color to match your ride.

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