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Tonneau Covers

Ford F550 Tonneau Covers

RealTruck is the #1 place to buy tonneau covers. Find over 90 truck bed covers from all the top brands, and in a number of styles - hard, soft, trifold, roll-up, retracting, hinging, and folding tonneau covers. Tonneau covers are the perfect accessory to add value and style to your pickup truck. Read More

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Not only do truck bed covers keep your cargo safe and protect your truck bed, they also make your truck more aerodynamic. Why does that matter? Ultimately, tonneau covers cut down on your pickup's fuel consumption and saves you money at the pump. Whether you're looking at a soft tonneau cover with roll up, folding features, or a hard truck lid that converts your truck bed into a big trunk, today's truck bed covers are custom fit, clean, stylish, and can even be paint color matched to your ride.


Tonneau covers offer a level of protection that's unmatched. No prying eyes checking out the junk in your trunk! With additional accessories like tailgate locks, you can protect from burglary as well.

We can help you find the best truck bed cover for your needs and budget. Plus get FREE Shipping on all tonneau covers!

Tonneau covers provide flexible, removable storage space. Pickup truck covers are so versatile these days that not only is installation just a matter of minutes, tonneaus can also be removed, folded or rolled back to any length to make room for your larger loads. Want to add a rack to your truck bed? Bed rails? How about a truck bed toolbox? No problem! Today’s covers are designed specifically to work with hundreds of truck bed accessories from all types of manufacturers. Have a question about compatibility? Give us a call at 877-216-5446. We’ve got an entire team of folks who are so enthusiastic about tonneau covers that you’ll probably be wondering where the party is.

For help finding the correct length of truck bed cover for your pickup, click on the red truck on the right. Our simple visual guide will give you a quick rundown on how easy it is to measure for a tonneau cover.

If you want to do a little more research, check out our articles in our tonneau cover research guide.

Hard Tonneau Covers

Providing a smooth look made from aluminum, heavy duty ABS or fiberglass, the rugged hard tonneau cover comes in several designs; retracting, folding, multi-panel or hinging.

Soft Tonneau Covers

There are many types of soft tonneau covers that are made with an aluminum frame with a vinyl top. offers snap, snapless, rollup, tri-fold, folding, and hinging tonneaus. Most are a clamp on attachment, but select tri-fold covers are generally a no-tool installation.

Retractable Tonneau Covers

This tonneau retracts into a canister when you are ready to access your truck bed. Typically constructed from rigid aluminum or aluminum with vinyl laminated over the slates, these retracting hard truck bed covers provide an extremely low profile.

Hinged Truck Bed Covers

Made from fiberglass, rigid molded plastic, or an aluminum frame with vinyl top. Hinging truck bed covers generally have one or two keyed locks if they are a hard cover. The hinges allow for very easy opening and closing by using gas or hydraulic cylinders to support the tonneau when you want to access your truck bed. This makes for easy one handed opening and closing, much like the trunk of a car. This features prevents inadvertently slamming or dropping the lid when maneuvering your cargo into the rear of your pickup truck. Some designs are created for quick overall removal as well if needed.

Folding Tonneau Covers

Folding tonneaus are available in either a hard or soft design with  either a tri-fold or multi-panel design. Made from several different hard materials or a frame with vinyl, they operate by folding individual panels onto each other to allow for truck bed access. The multi panel style or a tri-folding truck bed covers offer easy installation and most models are constructed to allow for simple and quick removal if needed.

Snap Tonneau Covers

Commonly referred to as snap-downs, these are the least expensive styles of tonneaus RealTruck offers. Snap models have the snaps built in, snapless offer a J lip style attachment. Heavy duty construction means it's ready to stand up to the elements.

Roll-up Tonneau Covers

These are soft tonneau covers that never need to be removed. They give you access to your cargo by rolling up from your tailgate to the cab of your truck. Simply unlatch the tonneau by your tailgate and roll it up by hand to access your truck bed. Some models even offer an optional hinging mechanism near the front (cab) and near the rear (tailgate).

Tri Folding Tonneau Covers

Just as the name describes, the tonneau's sections are linked together and fold over one another to access your truck bed. One of the great pluses to this tonneau is that it comes almost fully assembled. Installation is a breeze and is often a no tool clamp on install for fast attachment or removal from your truck's cargo box! 

The Best Tonneau Cover Brands

With top brands like Extang tonneau covers, Access truck bed covers, Bak truck bed covers, Truxedo bed covers, TonnoPro tonneau covers and more to choose from, you'll feel confident in your selection of truck bed cover.  

Tonneau Covers Save Gas

The aerodynamic designs of tonneau covers save you money on gas. According to industry research, the average tonneau cover saves as much as 11% by cutting down the drag on your vehicle. Less drag means better fuel economy. By closing your truck bed with a tonneau cover, you're reducing airflow and drag significantly while creating a secure storage environment for your tools, sports equipment and other belongings.