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Dodge Truck Accessories

Dodge Truck Accessories

Dodge Trucks are some of the most rugged beasts on the road today.  It makes sense that we stock Dodge Truck Accessories made to withstand the same everyday use and abuse you put your truck through.  With hundreds of products touting outstanding warranties, it’s no wonder we make sure our product reviews are published for all to see on our site.  We let the parts speak for themselves!  RealTruck carries tonneau covers,  ladder racks, LED taillights, custom floor mats, bed caps and so much more for your specific make and model.  Whether you are driving a Dodge Dakota, a Ram 1500, a 2500 or even the 3500 - we’ve got thousands of accessories for Dodge pickups! 

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John and Horace Dodge (brothers) made the first Dodge in 1914, but the first truck didn’t roll of the line until 1921.  One and a half ton trucks were available from Dodge but they were utilizing Graham Brothers’ bodies.  It wasn’t until 1926 that Dodge basically bought out Graham Brothers. 

Shortly thereafter there was another coup. This time by a company called Chrysler. The last true Dodge Brothers designed truck that was created was in 1929. It was a 1/2 ton pickup with the choice of three different engines. You could either have a 6 cylinder with 63 hp or 78 hp or go with a Maxwell 4 cylinder engine. It was a lot smaller, but it sure packed a punch! Back in those days, Chrysler had hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. This was a pretty interesting safety feature that wasn't done by any other manufacturer at the time.

In 1933, Chrysler started using their engines in all the models on the Dodge line. Later on they became an industry standard with their Job Rated, B-Series and C-Series trucks.

Those of you who grew up with Dodge trucks are probably most familiar with the Lifestyle Line.  In the 70's, Dodge made it a point to put trucks on the market that catered to the family. Ready to tow campers, hold camper toppers and generally take the family on vacation, the Lifestyle line was all about getting your kids outdoors and into nature.  Models like the D200 Camper Special, the ½ Ton Adventurer and models equipped with a Club Cab were extremely popular.

Features And Benefits
Whether you own a Ram or Dakota, you bought a Dodge because you knew they’re built to be strong, reliable, and ready to empower you to get things done. As with any truck though, the right aftermarket customizations can make a world of difference in bringing out the full functionality of your vehicle. With our extensive variety of Dodge truck accessories, you’ll be getting your truck into shape in no time flat.

Dodge Pickup TruckNerf bars and tonneau covers are amongst the most popular options for aftermarket accessories. Nerf bars, or side tube step bars, offer a double whammy of safety and convenience by allowing easier access into your truck’s cab. Tonnos provide the obvious benefit of keeping your cargo covered, but they can also improve fuel efficiency by reducing wind resistance and creating a more streamlined airflow over the back of your pickup. In time, your truck bed cover could conceivably pay for itself in gas savings. In this economy, that’s really nothing to sneeze at, and we offer them in both vinyl and aluminum varieties. For further fuel savings, we’d recommend taking a gander at our gas saving accessories.

We also stock popular makes and models of floor mats, dash covers, seat covers, and steering wheel covers to breathe some fresh air into your interior space. Furthermore, we have a plethora of hitches and winches for those with a heavy duty Ram in need of tools for extreme towing. This is just a brief description of but a handful of the options you have to go with though, so if you have any questions about which Dodge pickup accessories would make the best investment for you, definitely get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Improved Style
Have you ever been out on the road and been disappointed to see an awesome looking truck out there? Of course not, because who doesn’t love a great looking truck? Boring people, that’s who. That’s how you know though that a strong investment in top notch Dodge truck accessories is a surefire bet to help bring out the best in your ride.

From something simple like a pair of chrome door handles, to super rad powered running boards, if it looks cool and you can put it on a truck, you can bet we’ve got it. Even if you’re prepping for a total customization overhaul and chopping your ride down into a sick lowrider, or if you just want to keep the mud off your carpets, we can help you track down everything you need to get exactly the look you’re going for.

Helpful Dodge Truck Information
If you’re just looking for more information about your pickup, or are searching for an online community to share your truck knowledge with, or just want to follow the latest happenings in the industry, we can hook you up with some great places on the Web to go. Of course, we can’t assume responsibility for the content on another website, but we can point you toward well established resources to help you get the info you’re looking for:

Why Shop RealTruck?
There isn’t a shortage of places online to get your Dodge truck accessories, but there’s no one that can offer the combination of benefits that you get from shopping with RealTruck. We ship every order in the continental United States free of charge, and we support our customers all the way through the shopping process and beyond with a first rate customer service team. We’re also serious about not stocking any products that we don’t feel can meet our standards for quality. We wouldn’t feel too good about selling you anything that wasn’t going to hold up or be worth your money. We’re truck people too, and we get why quality accessories are important.

If you ever find yourself in need of assistance, hit us up toll-free at 877-216-5446. Some of us (and by that, we mean all of us) are a little goofy around these parts, but in the best way possible. We're a different sort of company, as our Guiding Principles can attest to. We're not comfortable with the status quo, and we're constantly looking out for new ways to go above and beyond to Deliver More for our customers. We take our work seriously, but never ourselves, and we treat people the way we want to be treated. It’s a pretty simple idea most of us are taught as kids, but it’s easy to forget when you’re older just how far a little kindness can go. Not that we’re soft, mind you. We’re totally gonna go demolish some gnarly mud bogs RIGHT NOW.

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