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Truck Racks

Truck Racks

RealTruck considers the truck rack to be a functional addition to your pickup truck, whether you're driving a 3500 HD, a mid sized tundra or a light weight standard cab. We think these were made for every truck owner in any situation. We carry ladder racks, side mount racks, economy racks, heavy duty contractor set ups, side ladder racks, removable steel truck racks, universal truck racks and sport racks. Read More
52 Products
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52 Products
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Pickup racks aren’t something you can just stop in and buy anywhere.  While some brands do come in a universal fit, many products are shipped custom designed to the make and model of your truck.  That’s why we’re proud to carry utility truck rack brands with strong warranties like Cross Tread, Dee Zee, Hauler Rack, Kargo Master, ProRac, and Thule

Aluminum or steel, our truck racks are lightweight and corrosion resistant.  They are ready for the elements and the dents, nicks and hits you’ll inevitably throw at it.  These truck racks are made for the serious contractor or the weekend warrior.  There are a variety of racks to choose from including Topper and Canopy, Contractor Truck Racks and more!

Finding the right truck rack for your vehicle can be confusing.  If you need help finding the perfect fit for your truck bed; don’t hesitate to pickup the phone to talk to one of our Customer Loyalty Specialists.  We’re the experts and we’re here to help at 877-216-5446.

Economy Truck Rack

Giving you the best fit for your truck, incredible warranty, easy installation and long lasting durability is what RealTruck means when we call something an Economy Truck Rack!  They’re made take on mid sized loads to heavy loads with ease.  Ranging from 300 lb capacities all the way up to 1000 lbs. 

Many styles are OEM compatible and can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes.  These means no drilling.  Some styles are so versatile, they can be removed and used on the job site by contractors as saw horses!  RealTruck does carry heavier duty options where drilling is required as a part of the install. 
Haul tools, lumber, ladders… you name it.  You can do it all with you truck bed after you’ve added this rack accessory.

Side Mount Truck Rack

Probably the easiest way for someone to load and unload a ladder onto a truck, a side mount rack is an extremely handy pickup accessory.  For a contractor who has to pickup up and go from one place to the next… this is the truck rack for you! 

Easy to install and easy to remove, the side mount rack keeps all the stability and strength a regular truck bed rack does but by using half the space.  Full access to the truck bed from the rear or side means more options for cargo space. 

Aluminum Truck Racks

Strong as steel, yet light weight, aluminum truck racks can handle the heavy loads and daily jobs you need them for.  Anodized aluminum truck racks come dipped in either clear coats, white or black finishes or can come in powder coat finishes in the same colors.  However, most aluminum systems come in plain dipped coats. 

These truck racks are super light weight, which make it incredibly easy to install or remove from your truck when not in use.  Aluminum truck racks are extremely convenient and easy to remove when you need to transport cargo made to fit solely in your truck bed.  

Steel Truck Racks

The grandfather all truck racks, steel offer the strength, durability and resistance to corrosion you need for the long term investment you made with your purchase.  Available in clear coat dipped, white powder coat or black powder coat finish, a steel truck rack can add a stylish look to any vehicle.  View our inventory of racks with 100 lb to 1700 lb load capacities!

*Note that some brands of truck rack come in both steel and aluminum options.