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AEM Air Intake 21-8315DC

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Gunmetal Gray Intake
1991-2001 Jeep Cherokee, 4.0L L6
  • Finished in a two-stage gunmetal gray
  • 50 state legal


  • Increases horsepower & torque
  • Improves fuel economy by allowing more air to the engine
  • Includes AEM's Dryflow filter
  • Vehicle specific design for excellent performance and simple install
  • Includes an exclusive AEM Power Spacer on select models
  • Available In gun metal gray, polished, or with a black, roto-molded tube
  • HD intakes feature a larger Dryflow air element
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA - Riverside, CA

If you're looking to add brute power to that truck of yours, we've got what you need! The Brute force cold air intake system from AEM was specially designed for popular SUVs, trucks and muscle cars.

Brute Force aftermarket air intake systems are dyno-tuned and proven to add horsepower & torque on large engines. The plumbing is specially designed so that the filter pulls air from the coolest of locations within the engine compartment. The inlet pipe which carries the cool air is engineered with perfection, allowing more air to travel to the intake valves. Equipped with a powder coated steel shield, the high quality filter is protected from road dirt/grime as well as engine heat.

AEM Brute Force cold air intake systems are available for gas and diesel engines. The added horsepower and torque is what sets this performance intake system apart from the competition. So buy yours today and watch your engine perform the way you've always wanted.

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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “soft mount” and is it important?
A: Most engines fluctuate when acceleration is applied, so the soft mounting system compensates for that motion. It is a link for the inlet pipe that sits between the engine and the body of a car. If the soft mount isn’t installed correctly your intake pipe could essentially break.
Q: Why is aluminum used when making the intake piping?
A: The issue of heat absorption with an intake system is quite valid, but they found that too much focus is placed on material selection and AEM focuses mainly on performance. The systems shape and diameter are unique and this is what most improves horsepower and torque. Here is a quick synopsis of why we use aluminum:

  • To eliminate the risk of rust
  • It's lighter than steel
  • To limit the use of plastic which absorbs energy
  • The material used has very little to do with the effect on engine power
  • The rate air moves through the inlet under open throttle, when someone wants maximum power, negates the effect of material heat soak, regardless of the material
An aluminum & plastic combination are used for throttle body injected applications which require a special plenum. This eliminates corrosion on the inside of the inlet pipe. At one time we created a chrome plated steel system whose inner diameter rusted over time, causing flakes to travel through the intake path. Aluminum was also chosen because it is very lightweight, with heavier metals placing higher loads on the mounting brackets. We combine our lightweight aluminum design with a flexible coupling device that connects the intake system to the body. In addition to the soft mount, we use doublers at the point where the mounting bracket is welded to the pipe for additional strength.

AEM performs engine inlet air temp studies when designing each system, determining the coolest area for inhaling cool air. They also determine the safest location for the source, protecting it from dust and water.

At light throttle opening, air speed and airflow at the inlet system are relatively low. The high residence time of air in the inlet while at low-throttle settings will increase inlet charge temps when materials with high thermal conductivity are used. Typically, when someone is at light throttle they are not asking the engine to make power. Most likely, fuel economy is the issue.

When the throttle is fully opened however, air speed and airflow increase considerably. Typically, the inlet air speed of a 5.7L engine with a four-inch duct at full throttle is 34 feet-per-second, based on a volumetric efficiency of 70% and an engine speed of 3,000 rpm. Most inlet systems for every intake manufacturer for this engine are 30 inches or less. This means that the air in the duct of a 30-inch inlet length on this engine at the given rpm is 1/10th of a second—hardly enough time to transfer an appreciable amount of heat into the air stream on any system.

Basically, the rate at which air travels through the inlet path under open throttle, when one is asking the engine for maximum power, negates the effect of material heat soak, regardless of the material. We hope that this helps to clear up the issues of material heat absorption in intake systems.
Q: How would I go about ordering a silver powdercoated system?
A: The part numbers feature a 2 letter suffix at the end. The “D” at the end indicates that a Dry Flow filter is included (standard for all Brute Force Intakes), and a “C” indicates the silver powdercoat e.g. 21-800DC.
Q: What factory components does this system replace?
A: The intake system replaces all components including the inlet, airbox and hoses. In some instances the breather hose is retained by AEM.
Q: Will a body lift kit affect the intake system?
A: The body will affect the lift kit in a negative way, unless there was an engine lift mount installed for proper geometry. Most intakes mount to the throttle body and chassis and if the body is lifted it won’t line up correctly.
Q: Will a suspension kit affect my intake system?
A: A suspension kit will not affect the engine to chassis geometry and will not affect the fitment.
Q: What is a C.A.R.B. E.O. number?
A: AEM intake systems carry or are pending approval for a California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) number, exempting them from the prohibitions of California Vehicle Code (CVC) 27156, which states that you cannot modify your car in the area of the emission control system. The C.A.R.B. E.O. number allows you to legally install and use the AEM intake system on your truck.
Q: What is a power spacer and why isn't this system included into every kit?
A: It is a plenum which installs between the throttle body and the intake manifold. In 5% of our applications, increasing the plenum increases power. AEM has tested the systems with different designs of power spacers and only include them in systems when they improve overall performance. These spacers provide a smooth internal design which adds power and does not whistle. They don’t increase performance on every vehicle and are only made for the Brute Force, so AEM doesn’t sell the spacer separately.

Q: How to order a polished system?
A: These intake systems include a 2 letter suffix at the end. The “D” at the end of the suffix means that a Dry Flow filter is included (standard for Brute Force) and the “P” means polished finish e.g. 21-800DP.
Q: Will a Brute Force system void my vehicles warranty?
A: The only time an AEM intake system will void your warranty is when there was an improper install. If a service technician tries to deny warranty because of one of these systems and the failure wasn’t a direct result because of it, refer them to Magnusson Moss Warranty act. You can download here
Q: Is this system considered a cold air intake system?
A: This isn’t a cold air system by the traditional definition, but they are positioned to get the coolest air available on each application. AEM has implemented extensive testing to assure that the filter is positioned perfectly, sucking only the coolest air available.
Q: Why do some intake systems not include a heat shield?
A: For some applications, they have found that there was no difference in the temperatures with or without the shield. And having a shield present when it’s not needed would only waste your money.


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AEM Brute Force Air Intake - Fast Facts


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Air Filter and Intake System.

AEM warrants that its intake systems will last for the life of your vehicle. AEM will not honor this warranty due to mechanical damage (i.e. improper installation or fitment), damage from misuse, accidents or flying debris. AEM will not warrant its powdercoating if the finish has been cleaned with a hydrocarbon-based solvent. The powdercoating should only be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Proof of purchase of both the vehicle and AEM intake system is required for redemption of a warranty claim.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the AEM part. In no event shall this warranty exceed the original purchase price of the AEM part nor shall AEM be responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages or cost incurred due to the failure of this product. Warranty claims to AEM must be transportation prepaid and accompanied with dated proof of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of product and is non-transferable. Improper use or installation, use for racing, accident, abuse, unauthorized repairs or alterations voids this warranty. AEM disclaims any liability for consequential damages due to breach of any written or implied warranty on all products manufactured by AEM. Warranty returns will only be accepted by AEM when accompanied by a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Credit for defective products will be issued pending inspection. Product must be received by AEM within 30 days of the date RMA is issued.

A proof of purchase is required for all AEM warranty claims.


AEM Brute Force air intakes are simple to install. AEM designs each intake to be vehicle specific, making for a quick installation. All necessary hardware will be included. Installation instructions are available on our website, along with an installation video. Let us know if you have any questions by giving us a call at 877-216-5446.

PDF Icon AEM 21-8315DC Installation Instructions