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AFE Cold Air Intake 51-10691

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Pro Dry S Filter
2001-2006 BMW X5 E53, 3.0L L6


  • Stage 1 Air Intake System: The stage 1 systems will show gains up to 25 more horsepower and will improve airflow by 50% (Replaces Factory air box with open intake box and uses your OE torque tube).
  • Up To + 25 Horse Power + 50% Air Flow: More power and engine torque.
  • 3 Filter Styles Available Pro 5R or Pro-Guard 7: Pro 5R Filter: Offers performance. Oiled 5-Layer progressive cotton gauze media, high flow, washable & reusable with 98.9% filtration efficiency. Pro-Guard 7 Filter: Offers protection. Oiled 7-Layer progressive cotton gauze & synthetic media, high flow, washable & reusable with 99.5% filtration efficiency. Pro Dry S Filter: This high flow, oil free OE replacement filter will out flow stock paper filter for increased horsepower and torque. These filters are washable and reusable providing maximum convenience and easy maintenance.
  • Replaces Factory Box: The aFe Magnum Force Cold Air Intake System replaces the factory air filter and factory air box.
  • More Flow - More Power: will improve airflow by 50% and will show gains up to 25 more horsepower.
  • Durable Filter: 100% polyurethane construction, which is durable and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.
  • Deepest Filter Pleats: aFe lifetime air filters have the deepest pleats for a greater flow and dust holding capacity.
  • Washable & Reusable Lifetime Air Filters: Each aFe air filter is washable/reusable, which gives the filter a longer service life.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The aFe Magnum Force Stage 1 Cold Air Intake Systems come with a Life-Time Warranty. .
  • Looking for a Dry Air Filter System? Check out the AFE Magnum Force Pro Dry S Stage 1 Air Intakes

With the AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Cold Air Intake System, AFE replaces the stock air box and the stock air filter. By replacing the restrictive air box and air filter, there is a noticeable improvement in airflow and power. However, the AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Cold Air Intakes retains the stock air intake track. The AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Air Intake Systems is available with the Pro 5R, Pro-Guard 7 or the Pro Dry S radial universal clamp-on filters. AFE cold air intakes are designed in an inverted top on some of the filters on the Stage 1 systems to increase filtration surface area and airflow. One of the special characteristics of our AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Air Intake filters is the full or modified velocity stack that is built into our universal cone filters. This velocity stack allows the air to curve around the edge of the filter and enter the intake track without loss of velocity. AFE has conducted many tests where there is more airflow with a full-velocity stack filter than with a straight tube and no filter. With the installation of an AFE Magnum Force Stage 1 Air Intake System, you are removing the most restrictive part of the stock air intake system: the air filter and air box. You will feel an immediate improvement in acceleration and throttle response. The dyno chart above attest to the increase you can achieve with one of our popular applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will aFe air filter void my factory warranty?

There is a law known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty, that prohibits a manufacturer from void a warranty simply because you did not use a specified air filter. They must prove how the filter actually caused the problem.

How can I tell when the filter need to be cleaned?

A good rule of thumb is to clean the filter when you can barely see the aluminum mesh. Most people clean the filter too often. It's not necessary to clean the filter too often. In fact, cleaning the filter too often will shorten the filter life and prevent the filter from reaching it's maximum filtration efficiency. Even thought the filter looks dirty, if you can see the aluminum wire mesh, it's still clean enough and plenty of air is still going through..

What is the difference aFe's filter and those of other MFGs?

There are some subtle but significant differences between aFe’s filters and others. The best way is to take two filters for the same application and compare them. Here are some points to look for:
1. Filter media – aFe filter media is a 5 layer progressive mesh media on our standard high performance filters and 5 plus 2 more on our high filtration Pro-GUARD 7 media.
2. Pleat height and pleat spacing – aFe is generally 25% taller and more openly spaced. More open the pleats are the better the airflow. However, more openly spaced the pleats are fewer pleats you have. To have maximum filtration media, aFe offsets fewer, more open pleats with taller pleats.
3. Pleat shape – aFe pleats are more rounded like a dolphin’s nose rather than pointed. Rounded pleats allow air to flow through the tops and bottoms of the pleats themselves.
4. Seal shape – aFe uses a progressive bump seal made of 100% engineering grade polyurethane. The urethane stays soft and pliable over time and resists chemical and heat degradation.
5. Degree of wicking – “Wicking” is the amount of polyurethane that is absorbed by the cotton gauze media during the manufacturing process. Polyurethane that is absorbed into the media blocks airflow through that portion of the media. AFe strives to minimize the amount of “wicking” on all its filters.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

AFE Magnum Force stage 1 cold air intakes come with a limited lifetime warranty.


For help with installation please call our customer service line toll free at 877-216-5446 or email us at [email protected]
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