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aFe Momentum Air Intakes
aFe Momentum Air Intakes
From:  $365.75  
AFE Diesel Exhaust Tip
AFE Exhaust Tips
From:  $49.99  
aFe Large Bore-HD Exhaust System
aFe Large Bore-HD Exhaust System
From:  $337.25  
aFe Scorcher Power Packages
aFe Scorcher Power Packages
From:  $502.55  
AFE Air Filter Cleaning Kit
AFE Air Filter Cleaning Kits
From:  $19.99  
aFe Exhaust Systems
aFe Atlas Exhaust System
From:  $289.75  
aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust Systems
aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust System
From:  $351.50  
aFe Scorpion Exhaust System
aFe Scorpion Exhaust System
From:  $285.00  


Advance Flow Engineering (aFe) products include Magnum Force Stage 1 and 2 cold air intakes, Super Stock Pro 5R intake, torque booster intake tubes, and high-performance exhaust systems for both gas and diesel engine. They also offer full performance power packages with turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, and intercoolers to maximize the torque and horsepower your engine can produce. For more moderate performance gains, check out their line of reusable air filters for stock intake systems.
Manufactured by aFe.