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Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $116.95  
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
From:  $92.99  

Aluminum Bed Rail Caps

It’s a dangerous world out there, all full of things just waiting to scratch and dent your truck bed. Be prepared with a fresh new pair of aluminum bed rail caps. Once you’ve got a set of these on your pickup, you’ll be out tearing it up without a worry in the world, or at least without any worries about dinging the top edge of your truck’s cargo area.
You won’t have to worry about paying extra shipping charges either, because at, we’re firm believers in offering free shipping.

Features And Benefits
There is almost too much to be said for how awesome aluminum bed rail caps are. We stock the roughest and toughest models of these fantastic accessories from all the best brands around, including Dee Zee and ICI. They’re made to be long lasting, using high strength aluminum and modern manufacturing processes to ensure top level product quality.

The primary reason most truck owners opt for a pair of aluminum bed rail caps is to keep their truck’s box in good shape. When you’re loading any kind of equipment or heavy objects in and out of your truck’s bed, there are a lot of opportunities for things to collide with the edge of the box and leave permanent dents and dings. You don’t want those kinds of reminders of the one time you were moving a fridge or machinery and got a little careless when you were taking it out of your truck. No sir, not at all.

This is where you’ll be glad to have some aluminum bed caps on your truck. They’re made to take the brunt of those kinds of blows so your truck doesn’t have to. You’ll be able to keep your pickup’s finish in top condition, helping to preserve the resale value of your vehicle in addition to just helping it stay looking the way you want it to.

Enhanced Style
Not only do aluminum bed rail caps do a great job of keeping your truck looking good, they also look pretty incredible all on their own. Is there anything that could possibly look better on your truck on a hot summer’s day than polished aluminum? No. That is, of course, unless you complement it with a bevy of other fine aftermarket truck accessories. As luck would have it, we have more than just a bevy of other fine products in stock. In fact, we have several bevies of such goods. We don’t know if a “bevy” is something you can multiples of, but we’re all about thinking outside the box here. Bevy.

If you’re looking to add more sizzle and flash to your truck’s looks along with your new aluminum bed rail caps, we’d suggest taking a look at our other truck bed accessories, as well as these chrome and billet accessories, these deflectors and visors, and maybe even these grille guards and bull bars. Are we trying to put ideas in your head to encourage greater spending? In addition to trying to make it easier for you to find other products you may also be interested in, yes, we are. We’re all about transparency here.

Why Shop
Our customers are a big part of what has empowered us to build our company into what it is today. Since our CEO founded in his basement all the way back in 1998 (for an online store, this was basically the beginning of time), we’ve worked hard to build positive relationships with folks like yourself who choose to do their shopping with us. It’s a privilege for us to have your business, and we want to make sure we deliver the best service possible.

This is why we offer free shipping on every order (within the lower 48 states), take care to only stock products from reputable manufacturers, and have hired a top notch customer service team that actually cares about your satisfaction. If you ever need any help or would like some questions answered, we’ve got several different ways available for you to get in touch with us. Dial up our toll-free number at 877-216-5446, utilize our online chat system, send us an e-mail, or drop us a letter in the mail. Every inquiry we receive will be responded to by the kind people in our headquarters in Jamestown, North Dakota.

We’ve got a helpful spirit around here, and it shows! Here at, we go all out to make sure our customers know they’re appreciated and will stop at nothing to ensure that you’re happy with the purchases you make from us. If that means we have to go through ten rounds of bare knuckle boxing against an agitated abominable snowman, then so be it, we’re ready to throw down. We don’t know how such circumstances would ever arise, but we’re still prepared just in case.