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Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $116.95  

Dee Zee Bed Rail Caps

If you’re like us, you probably wake up every morning taking a look at your truck and thinking, “That’s a mighty nice looking truck bed I’ve got there.” It makes you feel proud. You also want it to keep looking that great, if not even better than ever before, and that’s where our Dee Zee bed rail caps enter the picture. These accessories look like they were hand crafted purely out of the dreams of truck owners everywhere.
We also ship them to anywhere in the lower 48 states for free, because turning dreams into reality at the lowest possible price is just what we do around here.

Features And Benefits
Features. You want ‘em, and our Dee Zee bed rail caps have ‘em. At least one staffer has been overheard calling these things the “smart phone of truck bed accessories.” We don’t know what they mean by that, really, but we assume it means they’re loaded with functionality that you won’t know how you ever lived without.

The main purpose of installing Dee Zee bed rail caps on your truck is to keep the edges of your cargo area safe from getting dinged or dented. If you’re frequently moving things in and out of your truck’s bed, odds are at some point there’s going to be some accidental clanging and bashing going on. These guys mitigate the damage that can be caused to the edges of your pickup’s box by putting some highly durable aluminum or stainless steel in between your bed and the washer and dryer set or work gear you’re valiantly attempting to move. They're also great for using as rope tie downs.

Like all Dee Zee products, these accessories are made in the company’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s a great town with hardworking people you can be proud to help support every time you purchase their products. We have to say we’re pretty proud to have the privilege of working with them as well. These things are built tough using tried and true American manufacturing know-how, and that’s something we have no problem getting behind.

Awesome Style
If had a middle name, it would be “style.” Come to think of it though, we don’t really have a last name, which we would probably need to have a middle name as well. We need to do something about this immediately! RealTruck “Style” McFitzgeraldbottomton. We think that has a nice ring to it.

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah! Our Dee Zee bed rail caps are totally the bomb. On a scale of one to ten, we’d rate them somewhere around “pretty friggin’ awesome, dude or dudette.” We offer them in a variety of styles, giving you the choice of either aluminum or stainless steel models in polished or diamonded plated patterns, as well as sleek black ABS. We also carry hybrid bed caps that combine diamond plated aluminum and ABS plastic (which is tough as nails, by the way).

What do all of these different options have in common? Good question, and the answer is they all look incredible. Not only that, but they’ll help your truck look more incredible, and using the transitive property of automotive awesomeness, we can thusly conclude they’ll make you look more incredible too. Don’t believe us? You will once you’re showered with waves from compliments from admirers and bitter scorn from jealous haters.

The style upgrades to your truck don’t have to stop here though. Live it up with our fender flares, vent visors, and chrome and billet accessories too!

Unmatched Customer Care
We have a lot of fun at work, but at, we take customer service seriously. You work too hard to waste time or money on inferior products and rude treatment. That’s why we only stock accessories from companies we trust and have hired what we believe is one of the sharpest, most helpful, and just downright nicest customer service teams around. If you need help for any reason at all, give us a call at 877-216-5446! You can also send us an e-mail, or use our online chat system which you can find in the upper right corner of this very page you’re on.

No matter how you choose to get in touch, we’ll make sure you’re treated right and your concerns are taken care of. Our offices are located in Jamestown and Fargo in the great state of North Dakota, and up here, common courtesy and a hard work ethic are ingrained into everything we do.