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Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Dee Zee Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $116.95  
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
ICI Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps
From:  $92.99  

Diamond Plate Bed Rail Caps

Remember the classic James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever? We’re pretty sure what they meant is that diamond plate bed rail caps are forever. Not only do these accessories look great, but they’re built to last and take abuse so your truck box doesn’t have to. Like everything we have in stock, these accessories also ship for free.
Is there any way this deal could get any better?

Features And Benefits
Let’s get down to business and talk about the multitude of features and benefits our diamond plate bed rail caps are chock full with. For starters, they’re built to be tough as nails that are as tough as diamond plate bed caps. See what we did there? Word games, yo. What we mean, however, is that these accessories are made to last and are a worthwhile investment in your vehicle that you can stand behind and be proud of.

The primary reason a lot of folks install diamond plate bed rail caps on their trucks is to protect the edges of your truck’s bed from being damaged on the job. When you’re busy loading things in and out of your truck bed, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not you’re going to scratch the finish around your cargo area. With our diamond plate bed caps, however, that’s something you no longer need to worry about.

Installing a pair of diamond plate bed rail caps at home is easy to do and in most cases should not require any drilling into your truck. No one wants to have to put holes in their vehicle if they don’t have to, so that’s pretty cool. They also shouldn’t require any additional professional help and can be mounted onto your truck quickly without much trouble. Accessorizing your truck shouldn’t be a headache, unless maybe if you’re ordering a headache rack as well. Haha…ah, we’ll stop. We'll also point you in the direction of all our other great truck bed accessories to continue your truck customization endeavors!

Enhanced Style
When it comes to adding style to your ride, diamond plate bed rail caps are a great place to start. These things shimmer with the sort of shine dreams are made out of. That might partially be because most of our dreams involve truck accessories in one way or another. Is that weird? We don’t think so, and neither will the masses of envious onlookers when they see your truck all tricked out with your new accessories.