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ICI Stainless Steel Bed Caps
ICI Stainless Steel Bed Rail Caps
From:  $88.99  

Polished Bed Rail Caps

Your truck’s box stole your cell phone, called us up, and told us you should consider getting some polished bed rail caps as quickly as possible. We listened to your pickup’s concerns, and it told us it needs better protection against dents and scratches. It wouldn’t mind having a better sense of style, either.
The good news is we have several models in stock from top vendors like ICI, Dee Zee, and Putco. We ship all of these great products for free too, so you can spend your time and money on your truck instead of the postal service. We’ll take care of that.

Features And Benefits
A good place to start when discussing the features that all our polished bed rail caps are loaded with would be to talk about why most truck owners put these on their vehicles in the first place. Primarily, these accessories are designed to protect your truck box’s rails from getting permanently damaged. Your pickup’s cargo area is likely used to haul a lot of large, heavy things, and because of that it’s going to take a lot of abuse. That’s where some added protection can go a long way to help give you added peace of mind.

Polished bed rail caps are a solid investment in your truck that can help keeping your truck box looking great no matter what you put your pickup through. This can help protect the resale value of your truck by preventing it from taking unsightly damage. The relatively low upfront cost can lead to greater savings down the road, which is certainly something to think about.

Installing a pair of polished truck bed caps is as easy as can be. They don’t require any drilling into your truck, so you keep that power drill put away, and they don’t require professional installation assistance either. It’ll just take a few moments in the garage and you’ll be off in style. Each pair is also offered in sizes made to match the make and model of your truck. This ensures solid fitment.

Super Cool Styling
When it comes to customizing your truck, you want your accessories to add to your truck’s style, not detract from it. Fortunately, all of the polished bed rail caps we have in stock were hand carved by Zeus himself from blocks of pure awesomeness. Either that, or they were carefully crafted by automotive accessory experts using cutting edge manufacturing processes and technology. You know, one or the other. These things are so awesome that we’re convinced they’re the product of some sort of supernatural power.

Is your appetite for radical style as insatiable as ours? In that case, you’ll want to take a look at our chrome and billet accessories, fender flares, and full range of other great truck bed accessories right away! Or feel free to take a break and come back in a little bit. They’ll still be there.

Unbeatable Customer Care
We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of our customer service. Getting hired on to be one of our elite Customer Loyalty Representatives takes a level of hard work and commitment that is second only to joining the Navy SEALS. If you need help or have any questions, we’ll do absolutely whatever it takes to make sure you’re taken care of in a friendly and timely manner. Give us a call at 877-216-5446, hit us up on our online chat system, shoot us an e-mail, or snail mail us a postcard from your favorite vacation destination.

No matter how you choose to contact us, one thing will always be the same, and that’s the exceptionally high level of care we’ll take with your inquiries. We’re from North Dakota, and around here, people know how to treat each other right. We also have some wicked awesome survival skills which help us man it up throughout our 15 month long winters. We’re tough folks up here!