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Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
Pacer Bed Rail Protectors
From:  $37.99  
Stampede Ribbed Bed Rail Caps
Stampede Ribbed Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $77.95  
Wade Ribbed Truck Bed Cap
Wade Ribbed Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $96.99  
Husky Liners QuadCaps Bed Rail Caps
Husky Liners QuadCaps Bed Rail Caps
Only:  $84.11  $98.95

Ribbed Bed Rail Caps

Trucks are made for hauling large loads of heavy things around. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to keep your truck’s bed in top shape while you’re getting the job done, no matter what the job may be, then our ribbed bed rail caps are the perfect solution. We have several fine options available from great brands like Husky, Bushwacker, EGR, and more, all of which ship for free.
That means that the price you see listed is the price you pay for your goods. That’s really the way it should be, right?

Features And Benefits
Books could be written about the awesome features of our ribbed bed rail caps, but we’ll try to break it down into a few paragraphs the best we can. The most logical place to start would be to talk about why exactly people choose to put these on their trucks. This is a good question to ask, and the answer is that they do a fantastic job of preventing the edge of your truck’s box from scratched or dented.

These common maladies can sometimes just be chalked up as normal wear when you’re using your truck heavily to get work done, and are frequently moving things in and out of the cargo area. All it takes is one rogue object to bash the side of your truck’s bed, and pretty soon you have to live with a sizeable ding in your truck. This isn’t something that anyone likes to see, but it’s easily preventable with a solid set of ribbed bed caps.

Getting your ribbed bed rail caps onto your truck is easy thanks to their no drill installation. You’ll be able to get them onto your truck without much difficulty or need for a professional to offer assistance. If your friends ask though, you can always tell them it’s usually a lengthy and complicated process, but you were able to get them on in a snap without much trouble. We don’t really condone stretching the truth, but who says you can’t have some fun looking like the expert every once in a while?