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> About Leaf Springs and Lift Blocks

About Leaf Springs and Lift Blocks

Publish Date
April 5, 2018

gray toyota tundra hauling a boat

Leaf springs and lift blocks are suspension components that help support a vehicle. Usually found on the rear in modern vehicles, older vehicles may also use leaf springs on front suspension. Leaf springs absorb impacts in driving conditions, such as bumps and other obstacles, while lift blocks are used to add lift between the axle and leaf spring.

Leaf Springs

new leaf spring suspension
100mm rear Leaf Spring Suspension
rear Leaf Spring Suspension on Toyota Tacoma off-road suspension

Leaf springs consist of long, narrow, curved plates that attach to an axle. When traveling over a bump, they support the vehicle and reduce bounce. Leaf springs can have either one single plate (monoleaf) or they can have multiple leaves stacked on top of each other, varying in length (multileaf). Monoleaf springs do not offer as much support as multileaf springs.

Leaf springs can also have varied ends to work with your specific vehicle. If both ends curve into a circle, they are double-eye leaf springs. Open-eye leaf springs are defined by one end being circular and the other end being either flat or hook-shaped.

Add-a-Leaf Springs

Add-a-leaf springs add one or more monoleaf springs onto existing springs to help stabilize a vehicle’s sagging suspension. This can help revive suspension, but they are not meant to serve as the primary suspension components. Add-a-leaf springs can also prevent bounce and sway when towing heavy loads such as boats or RVs.


It’s a good idea to check your springs every so often for wear and tear, which can come in the form of spring cracks or sagging suspension. If the rear of your truck appears much lower than the front without any cargo in the truck bed, it may be time to replace your leaf springs. If your truck looks level without cargo but the rear appears to lower with truck bed cargo or when towing a heavy load, add-a-lift springs may be the way to go.

Lift Blocks

2015 Ford F-150 Leaf Spring Suspension with 5-Inch Lift Block
Leaf Spring Suspension with 8-Inch Lift Block

Lift blocks work with leaf springs to add height to a vehicle. They fit between the axle and springs, raising the suspension components and thus raising the vehicle equal to the height of the block.

Why Install Lift Blocks over Full Suspension Lift?

Lift blocks are a budget-friendly alternative to full suspension lift kits, but keep in mind that on modern trucks they are only for the rear. They can help correct the rake, or height difference between the front and rear, that is present on stock stucks.

Typically between 1 and 5 inches, lift blocks give your truck a more even appearance. Full suspension lift kits are high-budget items and most vehicle lift components are replaced with new parts. If it’s just a few inches you’re after, or a more level look from front to rear, lift blocks work just as well with your existing leaf spring suspension.


Great news! Lift blocks tend not to be a wearable item, so they can be reused if desired.

Check out our builds page for more inspiration, and chat in or give us a call with any questions at 877-216-5446. We’re here for you.