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> Are Fender Flares Street Legal?

Are Fender Flares Street Legal?

Publish Date
Steptember 7, 2018

Installing a set of fender flares can dramatically change the look of your truck while simultaneously protecting it from gravel, dirt, and other small road hazards. However, you might be concerned that adding a set of flares can impact your truck’s street-legal status. Well, allow us to put your concerns to rest.

They’re Not Just Legal, They’re Often Mandatory

Adding a set of fender flares to your truck will not make it illegal to drive on the road. In fact, depending on which state you live in, it may be mandatory for you to install a set if you’ve equipped a wide set of aftermarket tires. This is to protect both you and other drivers on the road from small items that tires can kick up as you’re cruising along. Fender flares can vary in width from brand to brand, so make sure you choose a set that’s wide enough to provide total tire coverage.

A Ram 2500 with wide tires and fender flares.
A Silverado with wide tires and pocket style fender flares.

If you have questions about fender flares, chat in or call our product experts at 877-216-5446.