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> Do Lift Kits Include Front and Rear Parts?

Do Lift Kits Include Front and Rear Parts?

Published Date
April 3, 2018

One of the most common questions we get from customers shopping for lift kits is, "Will this lift both the front and rear of my vehicle?" or, "Does this include parts for the front and rear?" Rest assured, anything classified as a lift kit on our site will include front and rear parts unless otherwise specified. However, the parts used to lift the rear will almost certainly differ from the parts used to lift the front, and usually the front will have a more extensive parts kit than the rear.

Front Lift Kit Parts

Relocation brackets are often used on the front of taller lift kits.
A pair of lift spindles.
An aftermarket coil spring used in the front of a lift kit.

Since front suspension is usually more complex than rear suspension on modern vehicles, the parts involved in lifting the front end will be more diverse and numerous. These parts can include coil springs, coil spacers, relocation brackets, lift spindles, and even new control arms. On smaller lift kits, it's also common for new shock absorbers to be included for the front while the rear stock shock absorbers are retained.

In addition to suspension lift kits, there are also body lift kits, which increase your vehicle's height by adding spacers between the frame and the body. This style of kit also lifts the vehicle from front to back, but the front and rear lift components will look relatively similar.

Rear Lift Kit Parts

An add-a-leaf spring used on rear suspensions.
A lift block and aftermarket u-bolts installed on a leaf spring.
Lift blocks are made of steel or polyurethane.

Many trucks still use rear leaf spring suspension, a technology that has been around for decades. It consists of a stack of curved metal bars that support the rear axle and absorb vibrations. Compared to coil spring and torsion bar suspensions found on modern trucks, it's relatively simplistic.

Lifting the rear end of a modern truck is usually accomplished via block spacers, additional leaf springs, lift shackles, or a combination of the three items. These items create additional space between the axle and springs, resulting in lift.

If you have questions about lift kits or other suspension accessories, chat in or give us a call at 877-216-5446.