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> How Do Lift Kits Work?

How Do Lift Kits Work?

Published Date
December 20, 2018

Lifting your truck has many benefits. It allows you to equip your truck with larger wheels and tires, increases your ground clearance for better off-road performance, and it makes your vehicle stand out from others on the road. But before you decide to install a lift kit, you might want to know just how a lift kit does what it does. In this article, we’ll explore how the two most common lift kit styles take your truck from mild to wild.

Body Lift Kits

A body lift kit lifts your truck by increasing the space between its frame and body using a series of spacers, usually made of polyurethane or steel, that increase your truck’s overall ride height by 1 to 3 inches. These kits sometimes include relocation brackets for bumpers and other OEM truck parts in order to maintain their relative position on the vehicle once the lift is installed. While this kit does little to improve off-road handling, it does allow you to install larger tires on your truck. Body lift kits usually don’t require you to get an alignment once they’ve been properly installed.

Daystar body lift kit

Daystar 3-inch Body Lift Kit.

Zone Offroad 1.5-inch body lift kit.

Zone Offroad 1.5-Inch Body Lift Kit.

Zone Offroad rear body lift

Note the visible gap between body and frame.

Suspension Lift Kits

Where body lift kits increase ride height by raising the body further off the frame, suspension lift kits actually alter your truck’s suspension, which moves the frame itself further up in relation to the ground. This is accomplished using a variety of parts, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Spacers: This generic term applies to any item that increases the space between a suspension component and its mounting point. They are often used with coil springs, struts, and leaf springs as a simple way to increase ride height.
  • Spindle Lift: This is a modified spindle that is used to raise the front-end of a vehicle. They can add around 2 to 3 inches of lift on their own, but they often work in conjunction with other parts for an overall increase in ride height.
  • Coil Springs: These taller units replace your truck’s stock coil springs, increasing front-end ride height.
  • Relocation Brackets: In the process of lifting your truck, the angles of certain stock components, such as control arms, can be drastically altered. Relocation brackets are used to make sure that these items function properly once the truck is lifted.
  • Shock Absorbers: Many lift kits include new shock absorbers with longer travel that can accommodate your truck’s increased ride height. Depending on the lift kit, you may have a choice of shock absorbers such as hydraulic, gas, or even dual and remote reservoir. Click here to learn more about different kinds of shock absorbers.
  • Shackle Lift: This replaces the stock leaf spring shackles on your truck, increasing ride height by using an extended version of the stock piece. Usually only used on the rear of a vehicle.

A suspension lift kit can significantly alter your truck’s handling and ride characteristics, usually making it more suitable for off-road performance. Once installed, it’s important to get an alignment to prevent premature tire wear and vibration while driving.

Daystar Premium lift kit

Daystar Premium Body/Suspension Combo Lift.

Havoc 4-inch suspension lift kit

Havoc 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit.

Suspension lift kit undercarriage view

Suspension lift kits create maximum ride height.

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If you have questions about lift kits, leveling kits, or any other suspension accessories, chat in or call our product experts at 877-216-5446.