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> How to Make Your Truck Exhaust Louder

How to Make Your Truck Exhaust Louder

Publish Date
May 10, 2018

MBRP Exhaust tip sema 2017

As truck owners, we're always looking for ways to make our trucks louder. We want to let everyone know we're coming and sound great doing it. Extra horsepower doesn't hurt, either. In this guide, we'll talk about ways you can achieve great sound and which parts will help add more horsepower.

Getting Great Sound

Exhaust System Upgrade

afe exhaust and muffler
borla exhaust and tips
diesel exhaust sema 2017

The best way to increase the sound of your truck is to upgrade your exhaust system and complete it with a new muffler. An exhaust system with larger pipes will help your truck breathe better, making it more efficient and allowing it to push exhaust gases through the system more quickly. This has a positive and noticeable effect on horsepower, though the overall increase will depend largely on your truck's engine size. Find out which exhaust system fits best with your truck goals in these helpful guides: Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster, and Magnaflow vs. MBRP.

Muffler Upgrade

Straight-Through Muffler glasspack
Laminar Flow Muffler, Interior Flowmaster
Straight-Thrugh Muffler Design with Fiberglass Packing Material

Wider exhaust system pipes usually include a performance muffler designed to tune and enhance noises from raspy to deep rumbles. Glasspack, straight-through, and Laminar mufflers, this last one specifically manufactured by Flowmaster, are designed for gases to move straight through without any impediments. You can expect a noticeable increase in horsepower from these, too. Read more about different types of mufflers and their sound-producing powers.

Exhaust Tip Upgrade

Borla Exhaust Tip
MBRP Exhaust Tip
Long Exhaust Tip

Exhaust tips are another way to help increase the sound of your exhaust system, but they work best in combination with other upgrades, such as an exhaust system and/or muffler upgrade. On their own, exhaust tips provide a wider exit for exhaust gases, which can help tune the sound to your preference. Larger tips give a more throaty sound, while smaller tips give a more raspy sound. Exhaust tips with double walls have a full-bodied effect. Check out more on exhaust tips here.

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