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> Learn About Truck Wheel Finishes

Learn About Truck Wheel Finishes

Published Date
February 19, 2018

Truck wheels on are available in a variety of finishes, or colors, to set off the look of your truck. From matte and machined black to gray, bronze, two-tone, and outrageous custom color, check out these 10 wheel finish types so you can be confident that what you order is what's in the box.


XD series kmc dark black tint xd825 buck 25 wheels rims

Tinted Black
This wheel finish starts with the alloy and clear coats of tinted black paint are applied. The more coats applied, the darker the tint on the silver-colored alloy. A clear coat is usually applied last to protect the look. Pictured: XD Series XD825 wheels.

moto metal black mo962 wheels rims

Black wheels span from satin to a high gloss shine, whether it’s the whole wheel or just parts of the wheel face. Satin finishes are achieved with buffing, while higher gloss black paints are often finished with a clear sealant coat to protect the finish. Pictured: Moto Metal MO962 wheels.

fuel trophy wheel rims gray

Sometimes referred to as gunmetal or anthracite, gray wheels have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. If you want a subtle appearance distinct from silver or black wheels, gray wheels are worth your consideration. Pictured: Fuel Trophy wheels.

method bronze nv wheels rims

Bronze finishes can vary a little from a dark hue to an almost coppery appearance. This color complements certain Dodge and Ford paint finishes very well. One of the less common wheel finishes, bronze wheels create a unique appearance that’s sure to turn heads. Pictured: Method NV wheels.

For even more wheel tips, check our our helpful articles on offset, backspacing, and bolt pattern. From inspiration to installation, we're here to help. If you've got questions, chat in or give us a call at 877-216-5446.