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EBC Brake Rotors

EBC Brake Rotors

EBC is world renowned for making high quality brake components from everything from mountain bikes to trains, so you know these guys can make brake rotors for trucks and SUVs. EBC brake rotors are available in multiple styles included RK Series smooth rotors, USR Series slotted rotors, and 3GD Series dimpled and slotted rotors. EBC hand inspects 100% of the rotors to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Read More

3 Products

3 Products
If you ever have any questions while searching for the perfect set of rotors for your truck or SUV, give us a call at 877-216-5446.

EBC Brake Rotors – Which to Choose

EBC Premium OE Brake Rotors – Also known as RK Series rotors, these are built 100% to factory specifications. Featuring a smooth rotor face, these are ideal for the more budget conscious shopper. While they won’t deliver the same level of performance as other EBC rotors, they won’t “brake” the bank (see what I did there? Yeah, I’m not feeling good about it either).

EBC Slotted Ultimax Brake Rotors – Also known as USR Series rotors, these rotors feature narrow slots that will cool and clear the rotor of dirt and debris. Narrow slots offer similar performance to wider slots while reducing the noise effect often associated with having wider slots. These brake rotors are ideal for trucks and SUVs that need more braking power than factory rotors deliver, but not on a consistent basis.

EBC Dimpled and Slotted Sport Brake Rotors – Also known as 3GD Series rotors, these are the rotors for heavy duty use. If you’re tough on your truck, and you want a set of brakes that you can rely on, don’t look any further than EBC Sport brake rotors.  Featuring wide slots as well as dimpled drill holes, 3GD rotors are designed for maximum rotor cooling, clearing of debris, and brake pad degassing. Combine those components and you have a rotor that is going to perform under extreme situations without brake fade at high temperature.

If you have any questions while searching for the perfect set of EBC brake rotors, give us a call at 877-216-5446. We have customer service representatives who are always happy to help.