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> Bug Deflectors: Design, Fit, And Finish

Bug Deflectors: Design, Fit, And Finish

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Image of Low Profile Bug Deflector
A Low Profile Bug Deflector
Bug deflectors, sometimes called bug shields, serve an important purpose on your vehicle. Once installed, they create an updraft that carries bugs up and away from your windshield. This translates to less time spent cleaning your windshield as well as a safer driving experience. In this guide, we’ll review the different bug deflector designs and finishes available.


Bug Deflector Designs

Image of Standard Height Bug Deflector
A Standard Height Smoke-Colored Bug Deflector
Image of Three Piece Bug Deflector
A Three Piece Bug Deflector

The standard bug deflector sits about an inch above your hood. This tried and true design is perhaps the most popular one on the road today. While this style of bug deflector is more form fitting than older plastic designs that stood straight up, some customers prefer an even sleeker look. For those customers, low profile bug deflectors are available that hug the contours of your vehicle’s hood more than a standard model. Lastly, some bug deflectors are available in a three piece design that covers the area above the headlight for a complete look and added protection.


Fitment and Installation

Image of Bolt On Bug Deflector Diagram
Cross Section of a Bolt On Bug Deflector Installation
Modern bug deflectors are designed to be application specific. This means that when you look up a bug deflector, it will be engineered to fit your specific vehicle, precisely following the contours of your hood to provide a clean, finished look.


Image of Tape On Bug Deflector
Protective Film Being Removed from Tape-on Bug Deflector
There are two primary methods of attaching a bug deflector to your vehicle: tape on and bolt on. Tape on installation uses strong 3M foam tape to stick to the hood of your vehicle. This is the simpler of the two installation options and it allows you to install a bug deflector quickly with no tools required. Bolt on installation usually uses existing holes on the hood of the vehicle to secure the bug deflector in place with included hardware. In some rare cases, drilling may be required for this type of installation.

Styles and Finishes

Most bug deflectors are made with an acrylic or ABS plastic material. This versatile material is UV resistant and can withstand the stresses of thermal expansion that cause more brittle materials to crack in the sun. Bug deflectors can be made with many different finishes to suit any individual style. These finishes range from matte black to chrome, camouflage, and even U.S flag.

Image of Chrome Bug Deflector
Chrome bug deflector
Image of Bug Deflector with US Flag Finish
U.S Flag Bug Deflector
Image of a matte black bug deflector
Matte black bug deflector
Image of a camouflage bug deflector
Camouflage bug deflector

If you have any questions regarding bug shields for your truck, contact our expert sales team today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best accessories for your vehicle.