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Chevy C/K Pickup 1500
C1500 and K1500 Bug Shields

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Weathertech Bug Shields
WeatherTech Bug Shields
Only:  $79.95  
Wade Ultraguard Bug Shields
Wade Ultraguard Bug Shields
From:  $57.99  
Lund Interceptor Bug Shield
Lund Interceptor Bug Shield
From:  $84.59  $93.99
EGR Aerowrap Bug Shield
EGR Aerowrap Bug Shield
From:  $57.55  $63.95
EGR Superguard Bug Shield
EGR Superguard Bug Shield
From:  $64.75  $71.95

C1500 and K1500 Bug Shields

Find the widest variety of Chevy C1500 and K1500 bug shields available on the Internet right here at RealTruck.com.  Check out our extensive selection of clear, smoke (black), chrome, camo, flame, cowboy, military, patriotic, and other bug deflectors.  All our online stock ships free directly to your front door.  Now all you have to do is start shopping our nearly 20 different styles and find your perfect match!
Features And Benefits
To get the best Chevy C1500 bug shield or Chevy K1500 bug shield for your pickup truck, you need only start shopping with us.  We truly carry the top brands in the industry, including AVS, WeatherTech, Stampede, and EGR, to name a few.  Why are we able to offer the highest quality acrylic bug deflectors with the best warranties?  Because, like you, we're Chevy truck lovers ourselves and we know what it takes to keep your beast running and looking good.

Hood deflectors for Chevy C/K1500 trucks work in two ways with the help of a little science and with some brute force.  The most obvious function they perform is deflecting small debris and insects off of the front of your truck by taking some of the impact it would normally face.  Your windshield and hood gets a few extra inches of added protection when you add a bug deflector.  

Chevy truck bug shields also us the wind to keep your truck cleaner when you start to pick up a little speed going down the road.  By creating an updraft, the bug deflector essentially pushes insects, dirt, and other small debris over the hood, windshield, and the top of your truck.  Making those flying pests miss your front end.  It doesn't get all of them, but it does get quit a few!

Look Sharp
So, what type of Chevy C/K 1500 truck owner are you?  You like to keep it classic with some chrome trim?  Or are you more of a dark and brooding character and want to add a smokey black bug shield to your front end?  

Do you hunt a lot?  Maybe a camoflauge hood deflector is just what your truck needs for it's upgrade.  Maybe you'd rather go the patriotic route and get a US Flag.  We also carry military insignia for those who have done service to our country and those who support our men and women in service.  
How about you farmers and ranchers?  Get a cowboy or cowgirl hood deflector.  Take your truck to the next rodeo and let everyone ooh and ahh over your sense of style as well as your prize filly!  

Don't forget to check out our famous and ever popular flames.  Flames have been a symbol of speed and virility on both cars and trucks since the dawn of the stroke engine.  Having one more set on your ride couldn?003ft hurt.  Besides, it's scientifically proven to make your Chevy C1500 or K1500 truck go faster!  We're serious!

We?003fre Here For You
You've got questions, our Customer Service Team has answers.  Give us a call at 877-216-5446.  Let us help you wade through the different options to help you find the best Chevy C/K1500 bug shield for you.  We can also lead you down the right path when it comes to other Chevy C1500 & K1500 accessories.  Let us help you pick out some vent visors to match your new hood deflector!

For more information and reading on bug shields, check out our Bug Shield Research Guide.